6 great ways to cook with courgettes

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Brynna Gabrielson

6 great ways to cook with courgettes

Courgettes, a type of summer squash, are a great addition to any meal. With their light flavour, they're incredibly versatile and can be added to an array of both dishes and baked goods. High in Vitamin C and Potassium courgettes are good for your health1, and with 100g raking in a mere 17 calories, they're also great for those watching their weight. There are so many ways to cook with them that we thought we'd highlight a few of our favourite dishes below.

1. Courgetti

If you haven't picked up on this latest craze yet, then now's the time. Using a mandolin or special spiralizer you can take a courgette (or other veggies like Carrots) and create long, pasta like strips that you can use in place of, well pasta, in your dishes. Just lightly heat your courgetti in a pan with olive oil and then add your favourite sauce for a delicious, low calorie dish. And if making your own courgetti proves too much work, some shops are even selling it premade!

2. Fritters

Courgette fritters are one of our favourite ways to use courgettes.  The method is simple. Just grate one large courgette into a bowl and add 130g of flour and 2 eggs. Mix until the dough is moist (it will seem dry at first, but the moisture from the courgette will eventually create a wet batter). Throw in some chopped up Feta cheese (about 150g)  and seasonings (we like this greek seasoning, but salt, pepper and garlic work well too) and then lightly fry in a non-stick pan with a spritz of olive oil. The fritters should be golden brown on each side, and firm to the touch.

3. Courgette crisps

These days you can buy all sorts of veggie crisps in the shops, but these are cooked in lots of oil and are usually just as high in calories and fat as potato crisps.  If you want a nice, crisp snack with barely any calories then give this recipe for courgette crisps ago. And here's a good tip - to get your courgette slices nice and thin use a mandolin.

4. Chocolate cake

Don't worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. We did just say Chocolate Cake and we meant it. If you've never had a chocolate courgette cake then you're missing out. Courgette is fantastic way to make a delicious, moist cake. And don't worry one bit about your cake tasting of vegetables, you won't even notice the courgette is there. There are many recipes out there to try, though we like this one.  And if you're not a fan of chocolate cake, don't despair. Courgette can be used in tons of other baked goods - like this courgette and lemon drizzle cake.

5. Pizza crust

Nope, not another trick. You can use courgette to make a delicious, carb free pizza crust. This is a great one if you're trying to manage your weight as you'll be able to indulge in pizza - yay! - without having to worry about all the calories in the crust. It's also a great alternative for those who are eating gluten free. Here's a great, pretty darn easy recipe to try.

6. Courgette fries

We LOVE these. They're crunchy, tasty and pretty low in calories, making them a great, healthy snack. And they're super easy to make as well. Just cut the ends off a courgette and then slice lengthwise (1cm wide strips) and then cut the length to make 'chip' sized portions.  Put some flour in a Ziploc bag with a dash of salt and then toss in your strips, shaking until covered. Next, whisk a raw egg in a bowl and coat your strips. Mix together 45g of breadcrumbs and 30g of grated parmesan cheese, then roll your egg-coated strips in the mix and lie flat on a baking sheet.  Bake at 220 (no fan) for about 10-12 minutes then turn and bake for another 10-12 minutes. When they're ready they should be crispy and golden brown on the outside.


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