Staying mentally well

A selection of articles to help boost your mental health. We want to promote positive mental wellbeing and provide ways in which you can adapt and thrive.

Managing anxiety


Dentist showing xray to patient


Dental anxiety

We spoke to Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Simplyhealth and Denplan, to learn more about dental anxiety. We looked at what dental anxiety is, how often dentists see it, and what you can do to manage your anxiety if you're struggling. 

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GP appointment anxiety

Dr. Macarena Staudenmaier, our Head of Clinical Product and Operations, talks about appointment anxiety – what it is, what you can do about it, and how you can prepare for appointments.

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Counselling for 16+ teens

We make it simple for you and your family to stay mentally fit and healthy with our 24/7 counselling and advice services.

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A helping hand in the financial storm

Navigating a path through financial worries can be a lonely experience. Take a look at the practical support we can offer.

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Tips for managing your anxiety

Discover our Mental Health First Aiders' favourite ways to manage anxiety and stress when fear builds up.

Boosting mental wellbeing

Two men having conversation on bench outside


Changing the conversation on men’s mental health

We’re shining a spotlight on men’s mental health and the conversations that need to happen when helping men navigate challenging emotions.

Two ladies enjoying an indoor exercise class


How to make your New Year's resolutions stick

Make 2024 the year you keep your resolution. We share tips, advice and practical strategies for how you can achieve your health goal and get to a happier, healthier you.

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A crisis taking the lives of men under 45

With men aged 40 to 49 experiencing the highest suicide rates in the UK, let’s dive deeper into what you can do to help yourself and others.

Lady sleeping well in bed


Tips on how to sleep well

Sleeping badly can impact your memory and your ability to concentrate. Here are some top tips on how to sleep well.

Two ladies enjoying a dog walk together


Shining a light on the winter blues

We’ve pulled together this list of things you can do to give yourself some love and self-care during this chilly season.

Supporting women's mental health 

Woman with sleeping baby on her chest

Women's health

Why we need to talk about postnatal depression

Postnatal depression affects mothers after they’ve had a baby, but what can you do to support yourself and loved ones through this difficult time?

A full length mirror in a bedroom

Women's health

What is body dysmorphic disorder?

Body dysmorphia can have a huge impact on a range of aspects within your life as well as impacting those around you. Learn more about the symptoms and what you can do to combat this mental health disorder.

Two friends hugging on a sofa

Women's health

Coping with miscarriage

This article talks about coping with miscarriage and baby loss, and how to support someone going through this upsetting and emotional experience.

Experiencing grief

Bench by lake a place for reflection


Dealing with grief

Nothing can really prepare you for losing someone you love, but in this guide, we provide some support.