Keeping your body healthy

Illustration of woman stretching in yoga pose


Staying fit, active, and healthy at home doesn't have to mean going for a 5k run every other day, although we're impressed by those who do. It could mean a whole host of things - getting a decent night's sleep, eating well to give you the right energy, even having a structured working from home routine. All of which helps look after your body. In this section, we've shared knowledge from around Simplyhealth, as well as our partners and ambassadors including nutritionist Monica Durigon


And we know motivation might not be there either, which is why Heather Fisher has recorded a few videos for you. The England Rugby Sevens star is at home with her parents through all this and has been encouraging them to get up and moving. She's also got a few tips on how a professional athlete deals with the physical challenges of stress.


We've all got to stay as active as possible, for both our body and our mind. We're with you throughout this, and we'll be there on the other side too. 

Health services explained




Your guide to our virtual GP appointments

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A video appointment with an NHS practising GP, without leaving the house or losing the personal touch. All through our app. It's that easy. 

The online doctor

The how-to guides




How to stay healthy at home

Man practising yoga in living room


Liggy Webb shares a list of things to try to keep healthy at home. Things you may not have thought of, from how to embrace the day to getting structure and connection. 

Health tips for the home



How to sleep better

Man asleep in bed


Not getting enough sleep? Or struggling to even drop off into the land of nod? England Rugby Sevens star Heather Fisher has you covered with easy-to-use tips and tricks. 

A guide to getting some sleep



How to work at comfort

Man stretching arms at desk


We look at how to create comfortable home working conditions, how to check your posture, and why you need to keep active throughout the day.

Be comfortable at home



Three ways to look after your eyes

Man smiling and wearing sunglasses


How can you look after your eyes? It's not a question we generally ask ourselves. But we should, and we have three answers for you. 

Protect your eyes



How to look after your heart

Woman wearing workout clothes and smiling


We all know how important the heart is, but do we know how to take care of it? We've noted down a few tips from our knowledge bank. 

Top tips for a healthy heart



How to beat boredom and get out this winter

Wellington boots lined up at back door


7 ways to get yourself up and out during those dark grey winter months. Come along. Up you get. We're doing them too! 

Beat boredom this winter



7 ways to love your heart

Illustration of woman holding a large heart shape


Loving your heart is like any special relationship: a little effort goes a long way! Making a few small lifestyle changes can really help care for your life-giving heart.

Top tips for your heart



How to get the best sleep

Illustration of woman sleeping on a cloud in the night sky


Understanding how much sleep we personally need and ensuring we maintain quality levels of sleep are key factors to supporting our health and wellbeing. Liggy Webb shares five ways to get the best rest and recharge.

How to get the best sleep



6 ways to add more walking into your day

Man smiling and talking on his mobile phone at a bus stop


Whether you’re looking to embark on walking adventures, or simply wanting to increase your daily step count, here are just a few ways that you can add more walking into your day.

How to add more walking into your day



Getting active by the sea

Family wearing wetsuits running into the sea waves


The beach is an ideal place to get you moving, from swimming in the sea to playing in the sand, or walking on the prom – there’s something for everyone. Take a look at the different ways to get your heart pumping, while having fun! 

How to get active by the sea



Get out and about this summer

Two women enjoying a run in a park


Making your walking routine more exciting is a fantastic way to help improve your mental and physical health this summer. Take a look at our six boredom busters to jazz-up your summer walks.

Six ways to get out and about this summer



There's magic in movement

Drone shot of Heather Fisher and family in garden


Heather Fisher, along with her family and friends, share with us how being active and moving your body can help you feel good on the inside and look happy and healthy on the outside too. No wand or spells required!

Explore how there's magic in movement



Let the games begin

Heather Fisher playing leap frog with family


Heather Fisher shares with us how you can turn every day into an adventure, whatever the weather and wherever the space.

How to turn every day into an adventure



Making memories together

Heather Fisher wearing novelty glasses


Heather Fisher and her family share with us how pieces of a greater jigsaw puzzle slot perfectly into place when generations come together.

How to make memories together



Hosting your own sports day

Children playing tug of war


Stuck for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained? Look no further, try setting up your own mini sports day. It can be just a family fun day, or you could invite friends or neighbours along too. However you do it, have some fun, get active and feel great!


How to host a sports day
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Healthy eating




How to eat well for your health

Bicycle in front of fruit and vegetables market stall


Stress affecting what you eat? HeadUp take a look at the correlation between food and your overall health. Spoiler alert. There's a big link. 

How to eat well



The Nutritionist: Immune System Booster Foods

Fresh vegetables in a box


Your guide to getting vitamins and nutrients in your daily food intake. Expertly delivered by nutritionist and wellbeing coach Monica Durigon. 

Support your immune system



The Nutritionist: The science behind nutrition

Woman preparing vegetables and following recipe on laptop


Why eat healthy foods? We go into scientific detail with nutritionist Monica Durigon on why some foods are so good for your immune system. 

Discover the science



The Nutritionist: An immune-boosting lifestyle

Woman relaxing with mug of drink and a book


It isn't just food that can boost your immune system, it's your lifestyle as well. Check out Monica Durigon's tips on how to live life the healthy way, 

Get the healthy lifestyle



Tried and tested heart-healthy recipes

Homemade healthy pancakes


Eat your way to heart health and fuel your body with feel-good food! Including a British Heart Foundation pancake recipe in time for Pancake Day.

Heart healthy recipes



Cook-a-long @ Home with Candice 

Candice Brown Great British Bake Off winner


Watch and join in with Candice Brown, 2016 winner of The Great British Bake Off, as she makes a simple, healthy and family-friendly recipe.

Join in with the cook-a-long

Home workouts




5 simple exercises for a workout at home

Woman squatting on yoga mat at home


Get a break from your screen and a burst of activity at the same time. We've had a chat with a personal trainer on how to get a quick workout in.

Take a break from working



Workout @ Home with Jonnie Peacock

Home workout with Paralympic Jonnie Peacock


Come rain or shine, live workouts from your living room are an activity the whole family can take part in. Join Paralympic gold medallist Jonnie Peacock for a workout.

Take part in Jonnie's workout



Yoga @ Home with Annie Clarke

Yoga instructor Annie Clarke in a yoga pose


At Simplyhealth, we know how important it is to be active and take part in regular exercise. Join yoga teacher Annie Clarke for an online yoga class from the comfort of your own home.

Join Annie's yoga class


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