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Man feeling anxious researching symptoms online using mobile phone

Mental health

Managing GP appointment anxiety

Dr. Macarena Staudenmaier, our Head of Clinical Product and Operations, talks about appointment anxiety – what it is, what you can do about it, and how you can prepare for appointments.

Two men having conversation on bench outside


Changing the conversation on men’s mental health

We’re shining a spotlight on men’s mental health and the conversations that need to happen when helping men navigate challenging emotions.

Woman stretching at desk set up

Physical health

Protect yourself from workspace woes

Home working comes with the potential impact on physical health and the risk of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Before you consider rushing back to the office, have a read of our home office health check.

Health guides

Man stretching his arm at physio appointment

Your guide to health treatments

Want to learn all about the health treatments we cover? We've asked the experts and got their answers for you. Find out what happens at the podiatrist, or what's involved when it comes to physiotherapy. Topics covered:

Two women with arms around each other carrying yoga mats

Your guide to women's health

Discover the ins and outs of women's health and help us remove the stigma. It's time to have open and honest conversations because no one should feel embarrassed to talk.

This comprehensive collection of articles on women's health covers topics such as:

  • Screenings and symptom awareness
  • Menstruation
  • Fertility and pregnancy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Menopause
  • Physical health & wellbeing

    Catherine Rutland, Clincal Director

    Physical health

    Finding a dentist in 2024

    Our Clinical Director Catherine Rutland talks us through the world of dentistry in 2024, including how to find a dentist and what to look for when choosing.


    A selection of fibre-rich fruits, vegetables and grains

    Physical health

    Understanding your gut

    Having healthy gut bacteria can result in fewer illnesses, allergies, and autoimmune conditions.

    A bowl of porridge with berries

    Physical health

    Helping you cope through the winter season

    We’ve put together some top tips to help you navigate through the winter season, like how to keep warm and look after yourself.

    Person preparing vegetables for a salad

    Physical health

    Eating on a budget

    Top tips to help you make good food choices without breaking the bank.

    Menstrual cycle chart

    Physical health

    Cycle syncing your workouts

    Yes, cycle syncing is a thing! Research has shown, by learning to harness your hormones and matching workouts to the different phases in our cycle, we can improve everything from stress to mood and performance.

    Woman sunbathing on beach with smart phone

    Physical health

    Using an online GP abroad

    Discover how you can access the benefits of having an online GP in your pocket, wherever you are.

    Flower in the foreground and lady sneezing in the background

    Physical health

    Hay fever - what it is and how you can reduce the symptoms

    We asked a pharmacist everything about hay fever and found out what you can do to reduce symptoms, both with medication and lifestyle changes.

    Dad and daughter applying suncream in the garden

    Physical health

    Five things you should know about sun safety and your skin

    What do the SPF numbers mean? Can you get burnt through glass? And does sun cream go off? We take a look at five sun safety facts you should know.

    Claim back your healthcare costs

    Get money back into your bank account in days, with our 1-2-3 Health Plan from just £20 a month.

    Mental health

    Dentist showing xray to patient

    Mental health

    Dental anxiety

    We spoke to Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Simplyhealth and Denplan, to learn more about dental anxiety. We looked at what dental anxiety is, how often dentists see it, and what you can do to manage your anxiety if you're struggling. 

    Man feeling anxious researching symptoms online using mobile phone

    Mental health

    Managing GP appointment anxiety

    Our Head of Clinical Product and Operations, talks about appointment anxiety – what it is, what you can do about it, and how you can prepare for appointments. And why searching your symptoms online isn’t a diagnosis, and for some, it can have a damaging impact on mental wellbeing.

    Woman asleep in bed

    Mental health

    Sleep well - be well

    Review, reflect and make positive changes to your day-to-day routine to help you improve your sleep. Discover our top tips on how to sleep well and download an interactive sleep diary to help you stay on track.

    Man having a thoughtful conversation and listening to his friend

    Mental health

    A crisis taking the lives of men under 45

    Let’s dive deeper into what you can do to help yourself, others and best navigate this world with mental health.

    Child splashing in a puddle

    Mental health

    A helping hand in the eye of a financial storm

    Practical help from Simplyhealth to alleviate the pressure of money on our minds and bodies.

    Teenager sat on a wall speaking on smart phone

    Mental health

    Counselling for 16+ teens

    When life gets a little overwhelming, qualified professionals are just a phone call away for Simplyhealth health plan holders, and their family and over 16 year old dependants who are named on their plan.

    Man sat by window using his smart phone

    Mental health

    Actual, useful tips for managing your anxiety

    Direct from our Mental Health First Aiders at Simplyhealth: discover their favourite ways to manage anxiety and stress when fear builds up.

    A full length mirror in a bedroom

    Mental health

    What is body dysmorphic disorder?

    Body dysmorphia can have a huge impact on a range of aspects within your life as well as impacting those around you. Learn more about the symptoms and what you can do to combat this mental health disorder.