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How to look after your mouth, teeth and gums
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Are you aware that the health of your teeth, mouth and gums is closely linked to your overall health and wellbeing?


Take a look at our top tips to keep on top of your oral health.

How to look after your teeth
How staying sober helps
How exercise encourages a healthy mind
Yoga for a healthy mind


Exercising is good. That's a basic statement. But why is it good? It can help with stress. It can boost your mood. And enhance your brainpower. 


Read this article and discover more posts to help you look after your emotional health.

Encourage a healthy mind
Manage your mental wellbeing
Support for new mums
New mum holding newborn baby


Nutritionist and wellbeing coach Monica Durigon shares tips on how to nourish your body during pregnancy.

Videos, articles, expert tips and access to health plans to help you take care of yourself and your family’s health.



What to eat when pregnant
Why you should eat well
5 simple exercises to keep active, anywhere
Five minute workout you can do at home


Get a break from your screen and a burst of activity at the same time. We've had a chat with a personal trainer on how to get a quick workout in. 


Read this article and discover more posts to help you stay healthy.

5 exercises for anywhere
More advice on staying healthy

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Stay informed during the coronavirus pandemic | Support from Simplyhealth


Articles providing our official position and the latest on coronavirus. And frequently asked questions.

Get informed


Stay active during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown| Support from Simplyhealth


It's time to smash your physical health and fitness goals. And we're with you. Ready?

Get active


Stay positive during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown | Support from Simplyhealth


Talk about mental health. Help us remove the stigma. It's time to focus on your wellbeing. Let's look after number one.

Stay positive


Stay connected during coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown | Support from Simplyhealth


Your family. Your neighbours. Your colleagues. They're all in your community. Discover how you can support them, and vice-versa. 

Get connected

Health treatments


Prioritise your health and wellbeing
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Get to know the types of health treatments you could access, from physiotherapy to podiatry, online doctor to optical.

Learn all about health treatments

The Simplyhealth Plan


Like a subscription service for your healthcare


From £7.50 a month, the Simplyhealth Plan helps you get fast, virtual access to essential healthcare services, as well as cover for routine prescription costs and physio treatment to sort any aches and pains. 


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Discover how the plan works for you

Supporting our members during coronavirus


Coronavirus antibody test

Coronavirus antibody test | Simplhealth


Discounted for Simplyhealth plan customers


Together with Square Health, our virtual GP provider, we're able to offer our customers a PHE-approved coronavirus antibody test for £49 per person (normally £99), for up to 4 adults.

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How can we help?


We are committed to providing continued support to our customers during this difficult time. We've introduced a range of measures to provide particular assistance to any customers experiencing financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic.


We may be able to offer a payment holiday or freeze, reduction in premium or alternative products and other options may also be available.


Please complete this confidential form so that we can contact you to discuss your options:

Supporting our customers
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Supporting you through coronavirus

Stay positive during coronavirus | Support from Simplyhealth


You can find answers to your health and wellbeing questions, get to know the new services available to you as we adapt to a different way of life, and discover what we're doing around the community.

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COVID-19 support

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