Making life easier with our Financial Hardship Fund

Helping customers who need extra help, to fund or access the healthcare they need.

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We recognise that rising inflation, energy bills and day-to-day spending increases, as well as longer NHS waiting lists and NHS capacity challenges, have meant more and more people are facing financial difficulties.

This means our customers may not be able to fund or access the healthcare they need. And, these financial pressures may have affected how they maintain positive health.

That’s why, as a purpose-led, B Corp certified business, we set up a Financial Hardship Fund to help our customers and their health. 

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How we can help

If you’re a current Simplyhealth customer, you can apply for a Financial Hardship Grant of between £100 - £2,500 per year.

The grants are a gift, so there is no expectation to pay anything back.

We understand that it can be hard to ask for help. Everyone can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and worried, especially about money and health concerns. We are here to help.

By offering our support, we hope to remove any financial barriers to accessing healthcare.


To apply, please download and fill out the form below.

Who can apply?

We know that the past few years have been difficult for so many, that’s why our eligibility criteria is here to ensure that funding goes to those who need it most. You can apply for a grant if:

  • You are a Simplyhealth customer, who needs further financial support with your health and/or medical care
  • You have been a member of Simplyhealth, or its subsidiary brands, for a minimum of six months, at the date of your application

...and you are experiencing any of the following:

Financial hardship due to physical / mental medical circumstances. For example, a recently diagnosed condition

You are unable to afford necessary physical / mental medical treatment due to cost, which Simplyhealth would typically cover under its products and services

You are experiencing poor physical / mental health due to financial hardship. For example, unable to afford heating or basic health and wellbeing needs, such as food, clothing, or medicines

How to apply

  • Once you have checked your eligibility, in the 'who can apply' section above, you can start your application by downloading our application form
  • Once complete, please email your form and supporting documents for review
  • You will receive an email to let you know your application has been received. And you'll get an answer, usually within one week

Need help? Get in touch

If you are unsure whether you are eligible or you have any questions, get in touch. Our customer facing teams will always approach such topics respectfully, sensitively and with the utmost care.

Send us an email

You can send any questions to us at [email protected].

Chat to an advisor

Or, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of our customer service team, who can talk you through your options, call us on:


0300 100 1043
Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm

Something to note...

Organisations that offer financial help and advice

You can contact these organisations for free, confidential and impartial money guidance and debt advice.

Citizens Advice

Advice and information on debt and other topics. You can call their national phoneline on 0800 144 8848 or chat to them on their website.

StepChange Debt Charity

Free debt advice throughout the UK. Phone 0800 138 1111 or visit the website.


Member centres offer debt advice, including specialist advice for minority communities and people with disabilities.