The Simplyhealth Denplan Dental Plan

What is a corporate dental plan?

A corporate dental plan, such as Denplan Wellbeing, allows your client's employees to claim back on the costs of their dental work.

It's dental insurance and covers both routine and unexpected dental treatment. Your employees are covered for both NHS and private dentists.

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Our Denplan corporate dental product

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Denplan Wellbeing:

Key employee benefits:

  • Support with everyday dental costs
  • They can choose their dentist - NHS or private
  • They can add their partner or children*
  • They're covered for dental emergencies anywhere in the world and have access to our 24/7 helpline

*for an additional cost.

Really easy process to submit my claim online, assessed really quickly and got my money the next day, can't fault it.

- Beth, corporate dental plan customer, Jan 2024

Why choose Denplan by Simplyhealth for your client's employees?

  • The positive approach to dental health
    With Denplan, you give your client's employees the tools to be proactive with their oral health. They can attend regular check-ups, and reduce the risk of unexpected dental problems. Prevention is better than cure for both employer and employee.

  • The reduction in dental costs
    Cost is a common reason not to visit the dentist. Through Denplan, costs become manageable, and trips to the dentist are no longer an afterthought due to finances.

  • The seamless integration into everyday lives
    We understand the value of trust when it comes to the patient and dentist. Employees have the freedom to choose their own dentist when making a claim. That includes both NHS and private treatment.

  • The long-term health checks
    It isn’t just about checking for decay and the health of teeth. Dentists can spot early signs of serious health risks through regular check-ups as well. Identifying these can reduce unplanned absence.
  • The easy claiming process
    We don't want a frustrating claiming journey stopping your client's team looking after their health. Our online claiming portal is available 24/7. Employees can make their claims and get their money back with little hassle. And don’t have to waste time on the phone.
  • The impact on recruiting and retention
    With a dental plan, your client shows commitment to their employees' everyday health. And by doing this, they increase their employer brand. Improving your client’s potential to recruit and retain.
  • The ongoing support for your clients
    Your client receives access to all our employee engagement tools. We want to help promote oral health within your client's company. And we encourage the use of the plan through tailored marketing materials. 

Smile Centre

We want your client's employees to look after their smile. We know our plans can help with that, but we don't stop there.  

There are over 6,500 Denplan dentists in the UK. And we've made it easy to find them. Our simple search will show the closest Denplan dentists to you, wherever you are. Your client's employees can also get access to the Denplan discount network. We have around 2,000 dentists offering discounted treatment to those on corporate plans. Much like Find a Dentist, a simple search will show those closest to you. 

This comes as a standard with every plan and is all available in our Smile Centre hub. 

What client servicing is included?

When your client selects a Denplan dental plan to offer as a benefit, that's just the start of their journey with us. We continue to work alongside them, every step of the way.

They'll get dedicated account management through a single point of contact in our corporate team. They are here to make sure your client has all the tools and support they need so their business and their people can get the most out of their Simplyhealth plan.

Download the product information guides to find out more, or get in touch with one of our corporate team.

A "very happy customer"

"I've never joined Denplan before but most of my friends and colleagues have and they've said great things about it.

I was hesitant as I thought it would be cumbersome and quite a lengthy process to get anything booked in and then to claim back etc. But it was very easy, once I signed up with the correct plan I needed (and there were helpful people I could contact from Denplan to confirm this).

I was then sent the documentation, I went to my chosen dentist and as long as I had a full breakdown of each treatment I had, I was able to submit my claim based on my Denplan. I then submitted this easily using the App and was pleased to have this reimbursed within 3 days.

You have a very happy customer and I'm definitely recommending you to others, as it has diminished my anxiety about how I thought the process would go and I'm very pleased!"

- Laura, corporate dental plan customer, Jan 2024

Funding methods

We have three methods of funding available. 

  1. A company paid dental plan is offered as a core benefit for all your employees with the premiums paid in full by the company.

  2. If you offer a flexible benefits scheme, a dental plan can be one of the benefits employees can choose from.

  3. A salary deduct scheme gives employees the option to buy a dental plan from their net salary.

Talk to one of our expert team for more information.

Making a claim takes three easy steps:

1. Attend the appointment

Your client's employee attends an appointment with a dental professional, pays for it as normal, and retains the receipt.

2. Submit claim online

They then photograph or scan the receipt before making a claim online.

3. Claim is processed

Simplyhealth processes the claim and pays it directly into your client's employee’s bank account. Most claims are paid within two working days.

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