Become a Simplyhealth Group voting member

We aim to be customer-led. If you share our passion, you can help us make sure the people we serve are at the heart of everything we do. By becoming a voting member, you’ll have a say in the governance of Simplyhealth. 

Why we have voting members

At Simplyhealth, we have no owners. No external investors. And no shareholders. Our profits go straight back to supporting the people that matter most, you. This allows us to deliver an ever-improving service. We keep you at the forefront of our business and truly act in your interest.

Why we need your help

The day-to-day management of Simplyhealth belongs to our Board of Directors. But we need voting members to act as a safeguard. Your role is to screen crucial changes to our structure and business objectives.

Shaping the future of Simplyhealth

By becoming a voting member, you'll help us to continue to operate in our customers' best interests. And ensure our future customers continue to enjoy the benefits that you enjoy today.

We invite all voting members to our Annual General Meeting. Within this meeting, you'll learn what the Simplyhealth Group has been up to and what the strategy is for the coming year. You'll be able to exercise your voting right in connection with the business matters discussed. And you'll have the chance to gain insight from the Board of Directors during a Q&A session.

Have your say today - become a Simplyhealth Group voting member

To register your interest, simply call us on: 0370 908 3481 or email us: [email protected]