A helping hand in the eye of a financial storm

Blog Article | By Simplyhealth | 30 June 2022

Finally, there’s something the nation can agree on and it comes in the form of a turbulent financial storm. Post-Brexit labour shortages, global supply chains collapsing on the back of the war in Europe and the aftermath of the pandemic have sent the cost of living through our collective roofs.

The eye-watering outcome is that annual UK inflation rates are hitting heights that haven’t been seen for 40 years.This delivers a significant body blow which has affected over 8 in 10 adults in Great Britain2 through spiralling energy, fuel and supermarket bills. The resulting increase in personal and unsecured debt3 predictably triggers a widespread escalation in stress.

Because financial stress can be felt right through our minds and into our bodies, there comes a time when it’s wise to reach out for extra help. So we’d like to tell you about the different ways a Simplyhealth Plan can ease your financial stress and we explain how easy it is for you and your families to access the support we offer.

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The pressure of money on our minds and bodies

Money worries can directly impact our mental health. They put pressure on relationships and can create anxiety and feelings of panic or depression.  An inability to cope can be intensified by sleep disruption and an accompanying sense of loneliness or isolation.4

This clear link to our mental wellbeing often overshadows how our bodies react to stress. Physical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, stomach problems, chest pains, sexual problems and aching muscles can also occur.5

If any - or many - of these sound all too familiar, remember help is at hand.


Practical help from Simplyhealth

Navigating a path through the darkest financial days can be a lonely experience, which is why we’re here to help. Our strong sense of social purpose over 150 years has driven us all at Simplyhealth towards our number one priority today which is caring for your health and wellbeing.


1. A friendly helpline - for finance or the law

‘In the moment’ support is often what’s needed to help ease the pressure and no call will go unanswered. Any conversation you have with a financial advisor through a Simplyhealth Plan is completely confidential. It may also lead you towards a practical plan and put you in a better place to make informed decisions.

The helpline team offer advice about a whole range of issues such as budgeting, income reductions, buying or renting a house, negotiating with creditors, managing debt and county court judgements. 

Experienced legal advisors are also at the end of a phone, ready with advice or able to suggest where to get help. Probate, personal injury, consumer rights and medical negligence are among a number of topics they can help with.

If you’re unsure whether the helpline will have an answer, just try them.

How to access this help

  • If you’re new to us, sign up online.
  • If you’re already onboard, login to your online account and visit myWellbeing; 
  • Or download the SimplyPlan app via your smartphone or tablet, login and call the helpline. You’ll be directed to speak to a qualified professional.
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2. Counselling in times of need

Professional emotional support is worth its weight in gold during times of financial crisis. This ‘in the moment’ access to qualified professionals who are ready to share your struggles, is available for you anytime of the day or night.

A qualified counsellor will listen and treat your conversation with the strictest confidence and the deepest respect. If ongoing support is the right way forward, you’ll be offered structured therapy and matched up with a counsellor for six phone or video sessions.

The bottom line is that a plan will give you access to support for many issues which may include anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship problems, bereavement and addictions.

You never have to face a crisis alone, so don’t think twice, just make the call.

How to access this help

  • If you’re new to us, sign up online.
  • If you’re already a customer, login to your online account and visit myWellbeing; or download the SimplyPlan app via your smartphone or tablet, login and you’ll be directed to speak to a qualified professional through myWellbeing.
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3. GP and physiotherapy appointments

A Simplyhealth Plan makes it easy to book a private online GP appointment 24/7, at a time – and from a place – that suits you. They’ll talk about any health issues and are a good point of reference if you’re experiencing stress-related symptoms. As with all GPs, they’ll suggest medical solutions, provide prescriptions if they think it’s clinically necessary or provide you with an open referral for further treatment where appropriate.

Stress can often be associated with aches and pains in muscles and joints6 and you can claim back towards the cost of physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractor treatments.5

How to access this help

  • If you’re new to us, sign up online.
  • If you’ve already got a plan, download the SimplyPlan app via your smartphone or tablet and login to make your GP appointment.
  • The governing bodies for physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, chiropodists and podiatrists each have their own website. Search for your chosen practitioner on the appropriate website to check they are registered before you make an appointment. You don’t need a GP referral and you can submit your claim via the SimplyPlan app which you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

For more information, login to your online account and head to myWellbeing. 

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4. Discounts to keep you active and having fun

Staying active and keeping a healthy focus on enjoyment of life is an important way to help you cope with financial stress. You can do this on a budget by taking advantage of Simplyhealth’s discounts for family days out, gym membership or on fitness equipment to use at home.

There may be times when your finances overwhelm you emotionally, so finding pleasure and staying active may seem unimportant. But taking time out will serve you and your family well in the long run.

How to access this help

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Lifestyle tips to cope with financial stress

Coping with financial stress calls for inner strength and resilience. Some of these DIY tips may support your challenging journey and you should treat any achievement as a triumph.

Get to know the relationship between your money and your mood

Record what you spend, why it’s necessary and how it makes you feel. This will reveal your habits so you can make a positive plan.7

Try to maintain a positive daily routine

Keep a consistent and positive routine each day by sticking to regular mealtimes and bedtime.8 Sleeping and eating at the right time is most important during periods of crisis.

Work on achieving a healthy lifestyle

Eat nutritious food, get as much sleep as possible and try to avoid negative coping mechanisms such as alcohol, drugs or smoking.

Keep socially connected and physically active

Stay connected with friends and family and try to be as active as possible.9 Even a daily walk in the fresh air and nature can make all the difference.


Riding the financial storm – together

The financial black clouds which hang over many of our heads as a result of global and economic conditions that we have no control over. And the inevitable stress this causes takes its toll on our minds, bodies and wider lives.

You are not alone in this. We want you to take full advantage of the help that we offer you so you can be the healthiest – and happiest person possible.

The 1-2-3 Health Plan

Our health plans provide access to telephone counselling 24/7. We're here for you when you need us.


Log in if you have a plan.

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