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    Man stretching his arm whilst sat at a desk

    Physical health

    Protect yourself from workspace woes

    Home working comes with the potential impact on physical health and the risk of Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. Before you consider rushing back to the office, have a read of our home office health check.

    Woman holding her stomach in pain

    Women's health

    Menstruating at work

    It’s high time periods were regarded as a normal part of life, not least because they directly affect almost half the population for a large part of their working lives. This articles look at how to promote menstrual cycle awareness and support in the workplace


    Man typing at keyboard

    CIPD Health and Wellbeing at Work Report 2023

    Research by Simplyhealth and CIPD

    Providing a wealth of benchmarking data on key areas like absence management, wellbeing benefits and mental health, the report can help you take the steps to support your employees’ wellbeing through industry standard guidance.

    Father and son brushing their teeth

    Denplan’s 2023 Oral Healthcare Report

    A comprehensive survey of over 5,000 UK consumers covering oral hygiene practices, access and barriers to dental care, as well as guidance for children’s oral health care. 

    Women's health

    Woman leaning on her hand whilst holding a mug

    Women's health

    Menopause in the workplace

    Understanding how menopause can impact your employees and their career

    Woman working at laptop at home

    Women's health

    Supporting women's health in the workplace

    In this guide we discuss why it’s important for organisations to support the health needs and experiences of women at different stages of their working lives, and how they can offer support.

    Woman with her face covered by a cloud

    Women's health

    Brain fog

    How to cope with brain fog in the menopause. This article explains what brain fog is and what you can do to combat the effects.