Using an online GP abroad

Home or away, the 24/7 online family doctor can see you today.

Published on 11/8/2022 by Laura Peard

Revised on 3/8/2023

A woman in a sun lounger having an online GP appointment on the beach

After the stress and strain of the last few years, a holiday could be just what the doctor ordered”.

So, you’re all booked. You’ve stocked up on sunscreen, got your travel insurance and have packed more pairs of pants than you need (just in case) – all preparations and precautions completed so you can kick back, relax, and fully enjoy that break away from the everyday. We get it, it’s why we offer our customers the SimplyPlan app. You can access our 24/7 online GP service, wherever you are in the world, giving you peace of mind in your pocket (on your smartphone), whether you’re at home or abroad. 


If your family are named dependants on your health plan, they can access this service too, which could give you some extra reassurance when travelling. You just need to be connected to the WiFi or use your mobile data* to book an appointment, wherever you are. 

A brother and sister sat with their luggage on holiday

We love that holidaying has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Time and fresh air outdoors, new environments, spending time with loved ones, trying new things – yes, even that aqua aerobics session Auntie Karen signed you up for! But if you pull a muscle in the water mid-star jump, suspect prickly heat or you’re simply not feeling right, it’s good to know our GP service is there for you, with no language barriers, to discuss your symptoms, offer advice and if suitable, suggest over the counter treatments you may be able to obtain whilst away.

If you or your dependents have any visible symptoms you’re concerned about, you’re able to upload photos to share with the GP ahead of your appointment to aid their understanding and inform their treatment suggestions.


The private prescription service is not available abroad, however, if one is deemed necessary, it can be arranged to be ready for you to collect at your chosen pharmacy in the UK, ready for your return.

Our 24/7 counselling and advice telephone service is also available for you wherever you are. You can access the telephone number for this service through your online account by signing in and visiting myWellbeing. We’d encourage you to save the telephone number in your phone and provide it to all the named 16 or over dependants on your plan so that they can do the same. Simply add +44 to the front of the number when dialling*.

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Health cover for the family

To enjoy 24/7 online GP access and much more, get our 1-2-3 Health Plan from £26 a month for parent and child cover.

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