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Download assets to understand and compare our health plan products and services. From benefits guides through to case studies. You can build a business case for your clients.

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Keep up-to-date with the world of health and wellbeing in the workplace. The Hub is full of research, blogs, and how-to-guides on a range of topics to support your clients' health.

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Our employee benefits

Dental plans


Oral health of employees should always be a focus. Regular trips to the dentist can stop long-term issues arising in the future. But we know dental costs can mount up. That's where our plans come in. Our three dental plans allow employees to claim money back on a number of treatments. And it isn't just the routine dental treatment like a check-up. We also include 24/7 emergency worldwide cover in every plan.


There are strong benefits for an employee to have a dental plan. Financial worries surrounding dental costs can be eased. There's a reduction in workplace absence if issues are prevented. And oral healthcare becomes a staple, helping improve overall health.


Learn more about how you can help improve the dental health of your client's employees.


Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan. We offer a range of products to suit different companies and funding methods.

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82% of employers who offer a dental plan, agree that it enhances their employees' overall wellbeing.
Simplyhealth Corporate Decision Maker's Survey 2017

Health plans


Our health plans are simple. We actively encourage employees to take care of their everyday health. And we do this several ways. Primarily, through the Optimise health plan, money can be claimed back on many health treatments. Opticians' appointments, dental check-ups, and all-around body maintenance such as physio are covered. We also deliver a 24/7 telephone GP service to help get to the root of the problem, quicker.


Everyday health is more than just physical wellness. We aim to look after employees' mental wellbeing too. A counselling and advice helpline is available. We offer employees someone to talk to, whether it's financial, legal, or any other worries.


By helping your clients’ employees manage the costs of their treatments, they'll be encouraged to take care of their health. And in return, your clients can reduce absence, reduce presenteeism, and improve productivity.


Learn more about how you can help maintain the general health of your client's employees.

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As a busy HR Director, I don't have much spare time to book GP appointments, and so I have found the 24/7 GP access super helpful. I have also used the prescription service, and claimed it back through the cash back plan - it was such an easy process.
HR Director, Millsted Care

Intermediary Product Guide


Our health and dental plans in one handy guide. The Intemediary Product Guide includes our Optimise health plan and Denplan dental plan benefit tables, plus details about our health plan online portal, myWellbeing.


myWellbeing is a hub of health and wellbeing services including an EAP helpline. The helpline offers confidential advice and counselling from emotional support through to moving house. Other services available include 24/7 GP services, access to exclusive lifestyle offers, and gym discounts.

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Health Assured services are included in our clients' employee plans

We partner with Health Assured, an award winning provider of workplace wellbeing services.

Together we ensure employees receive the support they need through 24/7 confidential counselling, legal, financial, relationship advice and more.

Health Assured services

The SimplyMe app is for everyone

You don't need to be a Simplyhealth customer to experience the benefits of SimplyMe.

Put your health and wellbeing into the palm of your hand by tracking your mind, heart, weight, sleep and activity with SimplyMe.

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SimplyMe - the health and wellbeing app

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