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What is a corporate health plan?

A corporate health plan allows employees to claim money back on their health and wellbeing costs (up to a set amount). This includes physio fees, dental check-ups, eye tests, and more. Through a corporate health plan, employees can get access to the healthcare they need, when they need it.

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Our corporate health plan is called Optimise. With six levels of cover, it's ideal for a huge variety of companies. As long as they have three or more employees, they can set up a plan.

Healthcare costs, like check-ups and prescriptions, are split into pots with annual limits based on the cover chosen.

The benefits don't just focus on physical wellbeing either. We know how important mental health is. That's why we include myWellbeing with every plan. Our online portal provides access to employee assistance programmes (EAP) and a 24/7 GP helpline. There are also other benefits that support overall health, like discounts on gym memberships.

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Why choose Optimise for your client's employees?

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  • The visible value for your client's employees
    Unlike PMI, you don’t have to wait for something to go wrong to use a health plan. Everyday costs like dental check-ups, new glasses, and prescriptions are all included.
  • The support of both physical and mental health in a single employee benefit
    Health and wellbeing is a vast area. And catering to all your client’s employees isn’t easy. Our cash plan can be used by everyone. We cover the basics like dentists, opticians, even private GP appointments. But we also include the essential extras like a counselling service. 
  • The easy claiming process
    We aren't here to make things difficult. We’re transparent in what we provide. We want your client’s team fighting fit. And when needed, our online claiming portal is available 24/7, so employees don’t need to spend working hours on hold.
  • The positive impact on recruiting and retention through an excellent benefits package
    Employee turnover can be damaging to morale and costly to your client's business. You want to keep your client's talent engaged. A benefits package with clear value can do that, whilst aiding recruitment as well. 
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  • The range of funding methods 
    We offer four options so your client can choose a plan that suits them. Your client pays for all their employees, they can provide a flexible benefits scheme, they implement a salary deduct scheme, or they allow their employees to choose to pay for it themselves.
  • The quick and easy process to join Simplyhealth
    It's a simple five-step process to come on board, and we have a PDF guide to help you through. 
  • The ongoing support for all our clients
    We don’t disappear once the contract is signed. From dedicated account management through to MI insights, we’re on hand to help your client get the most from their plan.

myWellbeing including 24/7 GP and EAP

The Optimise health plan includes added benefits with all levels. One of these benefits is our myWellbeing online portal. The platform provides 24/7 helpline access to NHS-registered GPs and health evaluation tools. We also have an easy-to-access employee assistance programme (EAP).


EAPs are a brilliant way for employers to provide support for their staff. A good EAP will offer access to a range of support tools, with counselling being one of them. Financial and legal information and lifestyle advice should be included too.


With our plans, telephone-based counselling comes as standard. But employees do have the option of online/web camera-style and face-to-face sessions. We have an advice helpline where employees can speak to an expert. 

What client servicing is included?

When your client selects a Simplyhealth health plan for their team, it's just the start of the journey with us. We continue to work alongside them, every step of the way.


Your client gets personal account management through a single point of contact in our corporate team. The team ensure they have the tools and support they need. Making sure both their business and their people get the most out of their Simplyhealth plan.


They'll be able to provide your client with regular management information (MI). MI keeps them up-to-date with the performance of their plan, helping them better support their employees' health and wellbeing. As well as the performance, we can also identify any underlying issues within their organisation. Although we use their data to create insights, we keep their employees' information confidential.


On top of that, they'll have access to marketing and employee engagement tools through the Engagement Centre. These tools include regular health and wellbeing campaign materials and other useful resources.

Funding methods

We have three methods of funding available. 

  1. Company paid health cash plans are offered as a core benefit for all your employees with the premiums paid in full by the company.

  2. If you offer a flexible benefits scheme, health cash plans can be one of the benefits employees can choose from.

  3. A salary deduct scheme gives employees the option to buy a health cash plan from their net salary.

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Making a claim takes three easy steps:

1. Attend the appointment

Your client's employee attends an appointment with a healthcare professional, pays for it as normal, and retains the receipt.

2. Submit claim online

They then photograph or scan the receipt before making a claim online or using our app.

3. Claim is processed

Simplyhealth processes the claim and pays it directly into your client's employee’s bank account. Most claims are paid within two working days.

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