SimplyPlan app FAQs


Your questions answered


Who should I contact if I have a query with the app?

Can I add my children to my Simplyhealth Plan via this app?

How do I add my family members to the app?

What do I need to make a Claim?

What file format should I send my receipt in?

When will I receive the money back from my claim?

When does my claiming year start?

What am I covered for?

How do I find how much entitlement I have left?

Where can I download the SimplyPlan app from?

I already have the SimplyConsult app, is the SimplyPlan app different?

Why do you have three separate apps?

Does the app access my phone data?

What personal information does the SimplyPlan app store?

How will my personal data be used?

I can’t upload my photo

Why is the claim I just made on SimplyPlan not visible on my online account or vice versa?

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