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Health cover on your terms.
From only £20 a month.

Health plans

Our 1-2-3 Health Plan makes it easy for you and your family to get the healthcare you need and claim back the costs. It’s as easy as:


Get seen

Talk to a 24/7 GP or counsellor and claim back for your dental check-up, eye-test, physio, and more.


Get healthy

If you need treatment for something, claim back the costs fast in our app or online, with no excess to pay.


Get rewarded

Access discounts and get money off amazing rewards.

And our profit supports health charities, benefiting communities throughout the UK.

Our GPs are friendly and experienced, which is why 93% of patients say the GP helped alleviate their concerns (Jan to Dec 2022).

Use your own local healthcare professional, we won’t limit who you can see.

Fast claims – payments will reach your account within days.

Trusted by over 1 million people

We’ve been helping our members with affordable healthcare for over 150 years.

I have used Simplyhealth for many years now and have found them excellent for claiming costs regarding healthcare... the app works well and is easy to use and payment is quick. I would recommend any time.

I recently made a claim for dental expenses. The claim process was so easy, and they paid out really quickly. Could not think of anything to improve the process!

From start to finish, the claims process was simple, straightforward and user-friendly. I have great visibility of what is included in the policy and the claim limits, it's easy to submit evidence, and my claims have been paid out within a few days.

Healthcare, how you want it

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Dental-only plans from just £11.55 a month.

Get specialist cover for accidents and emergencies, as well as check-ups and treatments.

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Speak to a doctor, 24/7. It’s that simple.

Access the healthcare you need. Our GPs are friendly and experienced, which is why 93% of patients say the GP helped alleviate their concerns (Jan to Dec 2022).

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Enjoy member discounts that improve your health

Our rewards support your lifestyle, making it easier to keep your mind and body healthy.

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Take your health in hand

Control your healthcare, claims and rewards in our easy-to-use apps.

Join over 1 million customers

Our 1-2-3 Health Plan provides cover that’s ready to use whenever you need it, from £20 a month.

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