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Blog Article | By Simplyhealth & Liggy Webb 7 April 2020
Healthy habits to live by with Liggy Webb

Keeping healthy is a whole lot easier when you're out and about. It's a bit trickier when you're staying at home because of a virus. But don't worry, we've got Liggy Webb on the case. In our chat with Liggy, we learnt some tips about keeping active and healthy in a confined space.


We know a lot of you will be working from home, looking after kids, home-schooling, the list could go on. But never forget about yourself. Your wellbeing. Try and get some time aside. It's hard with everything that's going on, but you've got to look after number one as well. Pep talk over, now for the tips, that’s probably why you’re here. 


Before we get into the 10 tips from Liggy on how to stay healthy at home in 2020, we've got a little insight from Heather Fisher. The England Rugby Sevens star is at home with her parents through all this and has encouraged them to get up and about. Even if you don't go running, being active is so important. We hope you find a little inspiration in the video, and then find some new techniques in the list below. 

The 10 tips to stay healthy at home


1. Wake up with an attitude of gratitude


Before you reach for your phone or get out of bed, just spend a few moments reflecting on what you are grateful for in your life. Various studies have shown that having an appreciative mind-set can have a powerful effect on the way you perceive your reality and, ultimately, the way you deal with what is going on around you.


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2. Embrace the day


Get up and get going. It’s not a good idea to start your working day while you are still in bed, so get washed and dressed, and take pride in your appearance, even if you aren’t going to see anyone.


3. Morning exercise


Start the day with some exercise, it encourages a healthy mind. When you go outside for a walk, remember to practice social distancing. You could also look online for some exercise classes to follow to help keep you motivated. Get up every 30 minutes to stretch and do some deep breathing.


4. Structure your day


With so much turbulence about, it will be really beneficial for your mental health to establish a routine. This will help you to embed good habits and behaviours. Structure your day by creating a plan with timed activities such as meals, relaxation breaks, and check-ins with work, family and friends.


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5. Limit your news intake


If you look at bad news, make sure you actively seek out something positive as well, so that you create a healthy balance of what else is going on around you. Also, limit yourself to the number of times you check the news.


6. Let the laughter in


Find things that make you laugh, as laughter is a great stress reliever. Connect with someone who is uplifting, watch a comedy show or spend a few minutes watching something funny to provide distraction and give you a boost.


7. Nourish yourself well


Being stuck at home can lead to boredom because of the lack of variety in your life, so it could be easy to overeat and spend time fridge-gazing. Sugary snacks and caffeine may give you a quick fix, but in excess, they are bad for your health both physically and mentally. Avoid snacking but, if you do want something, prepare small portions of chopped fruit or vegetables so you always have some healthy food nearby.


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8. Drink water


By keeping hydrated you will feel more alert and energised. There are lots of delicious herbal teas available and these will also add to your recommended quota of around six to eight glasses a day.


9. Stay connected


Humans are social creatures and thrive by feeling connected to others. Technologies provide you with so many different ways to communicate, so reach out and start some positive conversations today.


10. Learn something new every day


You may find you have more free time on your hands, so use it wisely. This is the perfect time to try out new things and keep your mind fresh and stimulated. By being creative you will have the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and grow.

Liggy Webb is an award-winning and bestselling author, presenter and international consultant. She is also the founding director of The Learning Architect, an international consortium of behavioural skills specialists. She is recognised as a thought leader on human resilience and works with a wide range of businesses focusing on optimising potential through continual learning and behavioural agility.


Liggy believes that the diversity of her clients has provided her with tremendous insight into the many and varied challenges that people currently face in a rapidly changing and often volatile world.


Discover more about Liggy on her author page.

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