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Blog Article | By The Simplyhealth Team 14 December 2020

The way the job market works has evolved over the past few years. The rise of social media has seen more emphasis on the importance of developing a social media presence to improve your professional network and improve your chances of finding your next career opportunity.


We spoke to our social media team to get some advice on how to improve your presence in the social media world.


Here are their top five tips:

1. Update your CV


Make sure your CV is up to date and looking as good as it can. Check out our CV writing and branding article to boost yours.


Once you have your CV updated, you can share it with recruiters or other connections easily.


If you see jobs advertised on LinkedIn, you can easily apply for them as you’ve got your CV ready to go. 

2. Choose a profile picture


When choosing your profile picture, remember these things:

  • Your photo should reflect how you look in real life.
  • Think about your personal brand and what you want your photo to say when choosing how you pose, the clothes you wear and your facial expressions.
  • Make sure your picture reflects who you are and your personality.

3. Use your contacts


Get in touch with previous colleagues, even more, senior colleagues and ask them to connect with you on LinkedIn or give you a recommendation.


You can send a message to people you have previously worked with and ask them to leave you a recommendation, try and get a variety of reviews which cover off your different skills.

4. Engagement is key


Now is the time to get involved and get your profile seen by others, a few ways to do this are:

  • Comment on posts, if you see something you find interesting or have an opinion on them leave a comment, you never know who might respond.
  • Stay in the know, follow hashtags, you’ll then get to see any updates where people use the tag.
  • Open conversations with influencers, if you see an influencer comment on something or post to their feed then comment on it, ask a question or get involved in the discussion. Influencers have lots of followers, and one of them might just have the job for you.

5. Build your network


Keep a lookout on social sites for people who are in the same situation as you, link up with them.


Share your story, be honest with your position and let people know that you are looking for work.


Connect with people, link up with recruiters or follow people who work for a company you would love to work for. 

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