Tiny Mouths Matter

A better life starts in a tiny mouth

The arrival of a baby’s first tooth is a teeny-weeny golden opportunity.

It’s the start of a lifelong journey towards a healthy mouth and gums - and strong teeth.

This rosy future is in our hands.

Each child relies on us to set the examples, teach the lessons and gently nudge them towards healthy habits.

Never too young to learn about your mouth, teeth, and gums


We wear many hats when it comes to teaching our children about their mouths, teeth, and gums.

We’re inventors of catchy toothbrushing songs and games; chefs who swap out sugary treats for healthy snacks; and tour guides who make regular visits to the dentist as fun as they can possibly be!

It’s our gift as to how mouth and teeth-aware the next generation becomes. Like those timeless lessons on how to cross the road, it’s up to us to sow the seeds that’ll last a lifetime.

So those tiny mouths have a fighting chance to be safe from risks and become healthier – and smilier - with every year that passes.

Father and daughter brushing teeth
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Dentaid partnership

Dentaid has been solving oral health problems for many people for over 25 years.

This makes them the perfect partner for Simplyhealth and Denplan.

Young girl smiling in school classroom

And because we share their focus on the importance of tiny mouths, we’ll support Dentaid in their vital role as educators.

Through BrightBites’ lively lessons, they build lifelong habits which are just the ticket to a healthy and happy future.


Young boy with big grin

Tiny mouths
...top tips

Golden guidelines to make sure that tiny mouths mean bigger smiles!

Girl brushing teeth with wide grin

Tiny teeth

...brushing chart

A chart to plot toothbrushing progress – and record those (sugar-free) rewards!

Mouths Matter Campaign

Mouths Matter logo

Our Mouths Matter campaign delivers critical messages about caring for mouths, teeth and gums - and links to some key partners.


Denplan is sponsoring The Oral Health Foundation’s ‘Mouth Cancer Action Month’ in November, which spreads messages far and wide about mouth cancer.


For a clearer understanding of the nation’s current oral health, we’re asking a cross section of the population questions about the impact of the estimated 30 million dental appointments missed since the first pandemic lockdown.


We’ll put the results to an expert panel to establish where there is cause for concern - and how we get our nation’s oral health back on track.


Because mouths really do matter.

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