We're working with Dentaid

Dentaid has been solving oral health problems for many people for over 25 years. This makes them the perfect partner for Simplyhealth and Denplan.

Together we’ll take the dentist’s chair to people whose circumstances prevent them from getting there on their own.

And because we know the importance of tiny mouths, we’ll support Dentaid in their vital role as educators. Through BrightBites’ lively lessons, they build lifelong habits which are just the ticket to a healthy and happy future. 

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Dentaid sponsored clinics

Dentaid’s two mobile dental units travel the country delivering free oral health care to the most vulnerable people in our society. 

Our sponsorship will support the volunteers’ invaluable and tireless work.

Their clinics offer dental screening, toothbrushing and dietary advice and a full range of day-to-day and emergency dental treatments at day centres, hostels and soup kitchens. 


Our campaign’s strong focus on ‘Tiny Mouths Matter’ ties in neatly with Dentaid’s BrightBites programme.

Their volunteers visit schools to teach children - and their caregivers - about oral health and how important it is to regularly look after your teeth, mouth and gums.

Denplan is helping drive this important mission by jointly producing leaflets and resources for pre-school and early years children. The financial support will target areas of high social need and fund visits and practical sessions for children and nursery staff.  

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Southampton Cancer Clinics

Dentaid works with University Hospital Southampton and Macmillan Cancer Support to provide free dental treatment to those who are living with head and neck cancer.

The mobile unit teams at Dentaid understand the impact on patients’ oral health which results from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They offer thorough pre-treatment assessments and help patients maintain the best possible dental care. 

Dentaid case studies



Eastbourne-based Larry suffers from severe dental anxiety due to his bad experiences in prison. When he visited the mobile unit at The Salvation Army, he was suffering from pain in several teeth and finding it difficult to eat.

His visit to the mobile unit resulted in an oral examination, cancer screening and filling.


The Dentaid mobile unit in Leeds first saw Seamus in serious dental pain. Losing a denture impacted his confidence and he resigned from his job. This began a downward spiral which meant he ended up living on the streets.

He has now seen the mobile unit twice, is living pain-free in shared accommodation and working as a volunteer.

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