Mouth Cancer Action Month

Let’s speak out about Mouth Cancer

The cruel reality is that cancer is never far from our awareness and our lives.

But what do you know about mouth cancer?

Dentists and nurse examining patient

Did you know?

Do you know that more people lose their life to mouth cancer than in road traffic accidents in the UK?

Are you aware that it kills more people than cervical and testicular cancer combined? That it can affect anybody?

And tragically, mouth cancer is on the increase - with almost 60% more cases today than ten years ago.

We want more people to know more about mouth cancer

We want to empower people to look into their own mouths and regularly visit dental professionals. Combining this with raised awareness of the risk factors, more people will survive.

Early detection is everything, increasing someone’s chances of survival from 50% to 90%. That’s why Denplan sponsors the Oral Health Foundation’s annual Mouth Cancer Action Month.

So, let’s collectively speak out about mouth cancer and help save lives.

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“The more we know about mouth cancer, the better chance we have of beating it’

The Oral Health Foundation


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Dentaid partnership

Dentaid has been solving oral health problems for many people for over 25 years.

This makes them the perfect partner for Simplyhealth and Denplan.

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Dentaid works with University Hospital Southampton and Macmillan Cancer Support to provide free dental treatment to those who are living with head and neck cancer.

The mobile unit teams at Dentaid understand the impact on patients’ oral health which results from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They offer thorough pre-treatment assessments and help patients maintain the best possible dental care.

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Early detection
is everything

Know what to look for when checking for mouth cancer. It could save your life.

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Reduce your

risk factors

Learn more about mouth cancer and what can cause it. 

Three mouth cancer survivors bravely share their stories


Sarah, Kevin and Sinead help raise awareness of the disease and Mouth Cancer Action Mouth.


“Life is better than it’s ever been now, and I’ve been able to adjust to the challenges that I’ve faced post-surgery” - Sinead

Sinead - mouth cancer survivor

Mouths Matter Campaign

Mouths Matter logo

Our Mouths Matter campaign delivers critical messages about caring for mouths, teeth and gums - and links to some key partners.


Denplan is sponsoring The Oral Health Foundation’s ‘Mouth Cancer Action Month’ in November, which spreads messages far and wide about mouth cancer.


For a clearer understanding of the nation’s current oral health, we’re asking a cross section of the population questions about the impact of the estimated 30 million dental appointments missed since the first pandemic lockdown.


We’ll put the results to an expert panel to establish where there is cause for concern - and how we get our nation’s oral health back on track.


Because mouths really do matter.

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