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Blog Article | By Simplyhealth 5 August 2020
How have you been during lockdown so far?


When you get unusual aches and pains, or you think you’re developing a cough that seems to have come from nowhere, it can be worrying without the GP access you’re familiar with. Luckily, technology can step in and help you out with doctor's appointments over video calls and online private prescriptions. What would we do without it?


Here’s the low-down on Simplyhealth’s 24/7 access to video GP appointments.

Why are our video GP appointments useful?


  • Easy to access
    Simplyhealth customers with a health plan can download the SimplyConsult app and off they go. Arrange an appointment with a GP at whatever time suits you best, day or night.

    The app is also free to download – yes, FREE – for all Simplyhealth customers!
  • You’re in safe hands
    Your video appointment couldn’t be any closer to a real face-to-face in your local surgery. If you’re a Simplyhealth customer you can speak to UK-based, NHS practising GPs from the comfort of your home. If you’d like to speak to the same GP again, you can choose to book with them each time.*
  • Take your time
    There’s no time limit on your appointment when you speak to a GP – just take your time to explain your symptoms without feeling rushed.
  • At your convenience
    With the app on your mobile device, you can get advice, reassurance, diagnosis and referrals whenever you need it, from wherever you are in the world. Not that you’ll be travelling far at the moment – but it’s there ready for you.
  • Fast access
    We know that waiting can often be the most stressful part. Get an appointment to speak with a GP within three hours on average, from initial contact, so your mind can be put at ease sooner.
  • Enjoy feeling reassured
    Immediately review your GP notes in your app ‘history’. You can also download your notes to forward on to a healthcare practitioner of your choice, so they can add it to your health record. Rest assured that this is all stored confidentially too.
  • Prescription delivery
    You can have private prescriptions delivered in the post if the GP prescribes medication during your video appointment. This can be taken to your local pharmacy where you can collect and pay for your medication. There is also the option to pay for the prescription and have the medicine delivered to your door. P+P applies.

An online doctor in your hand

Finer details around Simplyhealth's Video GP, including reviews, benefits of the service, and how you could get seen today. 

Get Video GP: Simplyhealth's online doctor
How can you access video GP appointments through the SimplyConsult app?

Register on the SimplyConsult app using your Simplyhealth details.

GP icon

Log in, select Health Services, then Video GP. Follow the steps to choose a day and time to suit you.

Calendar icon

You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes before your appointment, and a 30-second countdown. To start your appointment, simply log into the app. When the ‘join’ button turns purple, tap it to begin.

Message on a mobile phone icon

After your appointment, you can view your GP’s notes in the SimplyConsult app. 

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If you’re prescribed medication on your video appointment...


  1. You’ll be emailed a payment link. The online payment needs to be completed within one hour. If the payment is unable to be completed, you’ll receive a call to take payment.
  2. Your medication can be sent to a home or work address the next day.**


The GP service can arrange for a prescription slip to be sent to you so you can collect their prescription at a pharmacist. The great thing about this is there’s no cost for this service!

Make your lockdown easier while you’re at home


Register for your Simplyhealth Plan now and download the SimplyConsult app today on the Google Play Store for Android, or App Store for Apple users.

* If the same GP is not available within seven days, you’ll be directed to other available GPs.

** For a prescription to be delivered the next working day, the prescription needs to be raised before 3pm on a weekday and before 12pm on a Saturday.

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