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Blog Article | By The Simplyhealth Team 14 December 2020

The build-up to Christmas isn’t always filled with sparkle and joy. For many it can be a stressful time, which is why we’ve put together five tips to help you avoid festive burnout and keep your Christmas spirits high.

Son sitting on his father's lap and both wearing santa hats

1. Make your Christmas achievable

The expectation around Christmas can often spiral out of control, with grand gifts and a home so full of decorations it resembles Santa’s grotto. Why not regain control, sit down with your household and write down what Christmas actually means to you, and what’s important.


Maybe it’s a delicious roast and an afternoon of festive fun. Or spending the day in your pyjamas gorging on chocolate. Whatever you want Christmas to be, make sure it’s achievable. That way you won’t be disappointed or feel overwhelmed halfway through December when you're trying to cram everything onto your already packed to-do list.

Baubles on display at christmas market

2. Shop smart

Does anyone really enjoy the hustle and bustle and last-minute dash around the shops trying to get your gift list ticked off? Why not sit back and relax and shop from the comfort of your sofa where you can spend more time deciding between which carousel biscuit tin your Grandparents will like the most and less time nursing the blisters you got from traipsing around the shopping centre.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, why not shop local and support a local business?

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3. Plan in advance

December seems to fly by and before you know it the big day is here. But with so much to do and so little time how on earth can you fit it all in?


Start planning in November, write a thorough list of all the tasks you have to carry out and share the load. Ask for help from friends and family to get everything done.

Family opening gifts around christmas tree

4. Get the perfect gift

Stress less this year about finding the perfect gift. Why not ask people to let you know what they want, ask for a few options so there is still an element of surprise but without the unwanted gift which will spend the rest of the year at the back of a cupboard.

Woman stood in front of christmas tree with a mug of drink

5. Remember, it’s your Christmas too

A lot of Christmas can be spent on the road travelling between families to ensure you get to see everyone. It’s important to remember that Christmas is also a time to unwind and relax. When planning where you’re spending your time this year, set clear boundaries and expectations and schedule in time to yourself.

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