Healthier Mouths, Better Lives

Because Mouths Matter


A little goes a long way when it comes to healthy mouths.


The health of your mouth, teeth and gums is closely linked to your overall health and wellbeing.


There’s a tangible link between your oral health and your self-esteem: how your mouth and teeth feel, taste and look; how you breathe, sleep, eat and drink; how you speak and mix with others; and of course, how you smile.


But the mouth-body connection runs deeper than you may think.

Dentists - your oral health detectives 


A dentist doesn’t just check-up on your teeth and gums. Their knowledge and expertise mean your mouth is a window into your overall health.


They’re able to find clues to your lifestyle and health from the condition of your mouth. Your teeth are an indicator of what - and when - you’re eating and drinking. Critically, the mouth also displays signs of more life-threatening diseases which rely on early detection for a positive outcome.


Wholesome diets, life-affirming habits and proactive dental hygiene all have an important part to play in writing the script for a healthy tomorrow.

Dentist taking photo of patient's teeth

Mouths Matter Campaign

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Our Mouths Matter campaign delivers critical messages about caring for mouths, teeth and gums - and links to some key partners.


Denplan is sponsoring The Oral Health Foundation’s ‘Mouth Cancer Action Month’ in November, which spreads messages far and wide about mouth cancer.


For a clearer understanding of the nation’s current oral health, we’re asking a cross section of the population questions about the impact of the estimated 30 million dental appointments missed since the first pandemic lockdown.


We’ll put the results to an expert panel to establish where there is cause for concern - and how we get our nation’s oral health back on track.


Because mouths really do matter.

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How to look after

...your mouth, teeth and gums

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Seven reasons to

...keep a lid on the liquor

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Five reasons to

...quit smoking and improve your oral health

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Dentaid Partnership

Dentaid has been solving oral health problems for many people for over 25 years. 


This makes them the perfect partner for Simplyhealth and Denplan.

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