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We believe in making things as straightforward as possible for you.

As an existing customer, this is where you'll find all you need to know about your plan or health insurance, like making a claim, referring a friend, or getting printed documents.

The quickest way to do any of this is to  to your online account

If you are not registered already you can register for a personalised online account. You just need your Simplyhealth policy number to register.

Once registered, you'll be able to complete & print a claim form, check your claims history, benefit entitlement, personal details and who's covered by your plan. You can also get terms and conditions and a summary of cover.

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Do you have health insurance with us?

To find details of your nearest hospital, use our hospital locator. For details of your nearest dentist, use our dentist finder.

You can find general information about Simply Personal Health on the Simply Personal Health summary page. Remember, you can check terms and conditions and manage your plan online by registering for an online account.

If you bought your personal Preferential or Accessible plan through an Intermediary, you can find a copy of your policy document and hospital list by downloading it here.  If you need more help, just visit the Health Insurance contacts page for details on how to get in touch, or speak to your intermediary.

If you are a group policyholder (which often means your cover is provided by an employer) or if your child is a member of our School Scheme, you can download your policy document or read general information in our businesses section

If you are acting as a Group Secretary, responsible for managing a Preferential, Accessible, or Care for Corporates plan, you should be able to answer any questions by downloading a policy document. If you need further help you may wish to contact your intermediary. 

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