Video: How to Tailor Communications for the Multi-generational Workforce

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Victoria Cummins

Pam Whelan and Clive Cripps at the Reward and Employee Benefits Association's Wellbeing Congress

Employers are increasingly playing the generation game.

Employees who are fresh out of education and those much more advanced in their years are working side by side, challenging employers to find the right mix and mode of communications to suit their entire workforce.

So how do you tailor your employee communications for the multi-generational workforce?

Reward and benefit experts at the Reward and Employee Benefits Association's Wellbeing Congress heard from Simplyhealth's Director of Corporate, Pam Whelan who discussed how a multi-faceted approach to communications is needed to engage employees of all ages.

Pam was joined by Clive Cripps, the interim benefits manager for the insurance company LV. Clive discussed the challenges he had faced when trying to engage LV's multi-generational workforce with their employee benefits scheme.

He continued to explain the way in which he overcame these challenges, such as introducing 'any time' sign up to benefits, single sign-on and touch-free admin to increase usage of the business' flexible benefits platform by 20%.

You can find out more information about tailoring employee benefits to suit a multigenerational workforce by downloading our free whitepaper Addressing the challenges of the 4G workforce, here: