Getting to know Claire

Posted on August 3, 2018 by Brynna Gabrielson

AU ClaireToday we're taking a minute to chat with Claire Adamson, Digital Analytics Manager.  Along with Vanessa and Josie, she sits within our newly formed Digital Experience Team.

Hi Claire! Can you tell us about your start at Simplyhealth?

I joined Simplyhealth about 13 years ago. I was looking to try something new, and approached an agency to find something temporary. They had a role available for telesales administration here at Simplyhealth (though we were still called HSA back then) and I went for it! Little did I know that temporary role would keep me here for well over a decade! I was asked to stay on in a full time permanent role after just a few months, and I stayed within that team until 2009.

And where did you go in 2009?

After the rebrand of HSA to Simplyhealth, a new web team was created and I applied for, and was offered the role of Analytics Executive. My focus for the first while was solely analytics, but as time passed, the team changed somewhat and we had fewer people. Because of that my role became less specifically about analytics and broadened to include a lot more activity including design, page building, content management etc. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the business and develop skills in other areas of digital.

But your role is changing again within the new team?

Yes! With the company putting more focus on digital and recruiting more people into the team, we're now going back to a place where we are specialising in certain areas. I'll be heading up the Analytics Team, ensuring our pages are perfomring as they should, working with the Optimisation Team to get the most out of our pages, and helping the business celebrate their online successes. For the past few years I've enjoyed being able to work in various areas on the website, but now I'm really looking forward to the chance to delevop digital analytics in this exciting new team!

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for a job at Simplyhealth?

I'd tell them to do it! One of the best things about working here is that the company is willing is invest in its people and their careers. A lot of staff, like me, have started in one area of the business and then moved on to a different area, sometimes completely different to where they started! Though I'd worked in IT before Simplyhealth, I didn't have a rich background in web or digital, yet they were happy to help me develop into a role in the web team. And the learning never stops. We're given the chance to take courses or go to events and conferences. We're encouraged to keep our skills and knowledge up to date, which is really important in digital where things change so quickly.

And they don't just invest in our lives at work - we have a culture that promotes a really great work life balance, and benefits to match. After having my son, I was able to condense my hours into a 4 day week so I can be off with him on Fridays. And we get 28 days leave per year, plus bank holidays.

Thanks for chatting with us Claire!