A chat with Elliot from our Strategy team

Posted on June 28, 2016 by Laura Miller

AU ElliotName: Elliot Wallace
Role: Director of Strategy & Insight

Tell us a bit about your role and why you like it?
Our team's role is to help shape Simplyhealth's future. That means working internally with colleagues to help develop new strategic plans, and also looking externally at trends across health and other areas to spot opportunities and threats. It's genuinely exciting to be involved in looking at new things for Simplyhealth. It also really makes you think, because you are looking at big themes and always asking "how does that fit in with Simplyhealth?".

Have you always worked within Strategy?
No, I joined Simplyhealth in 2005 as Retention Manager for one of our legacy businesses, HSA. In 2008, I took on product development responsibility across three of our legacy companies - HSA, Leeds Hospital Fund (LHF) and HealthSure. The following year my role then included our Private Medical Insurance (PMI) business. In 2014 I took on a secondment for strategy and that has developed into my current role.

What attracted you to Simplyhealth?
I liked the concept of a business that really cared about its employees. When I joined I had two pre-school age children and the fact that Simplyhealth gave employees a paid day off when their children attended their first day at school I thought was a lovely proof point of us being a company that cares about people outside work.

You've been with Simplyhealth for nearly 11 years now, what do you like about working here?
My two prior jobs were in the City working for Schroders and then for a charity, so they were very different! Simplyhealth in many ways offers the best of both worlds. I like the fact it is a commercial organisation but one which has values of helping people very much at its heart, rather than simply delivering shareholder premiums.

And finally, what do you enjoy doing outside work?
I now have three school age children so I have family commitments and a lot of taxi driving! I'm also a governor at the secondary school my children go to and I am quite heavily involved in my local church.