Love your heart

February 2021


Loving your heart is like any special relationship: a little effort goes a long way.


Making a few simple lifestyle changes can really ‘up your game’ when it comes to caring for your heart.


7 ways to love your heart

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Loving your heart is like any special relationship: a little effort goes a long way! Making a few small lifestyle changes can really help care for your life-giving heart.

Explore changes you could make to show your heart the love it deserves

Top tips for your heart

Give tried and tested heart-healthy recipes a go!

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Eat your way to heart health and fuel your body with feel-good food! We even have a British Heart Foundation pancake recipe in time for Pancake Day.

Find recommended recipes and read how our staff got on making them.

Try our hearty recipes

Top tips for a healthy heart

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Keeping your heart healthy is important. You know that. We know that. That's why we've jotted down a few bits of advice.    


Read this article and discover more posts to help you look after your heart.

Tips for a healthy heart


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