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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team

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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team | 13th August 2019

Leveraging the power of technology for wellbeing

Advances in technology are rapidly disrupting the way we see and take care of, our health. It is helping us better understand our own health, improving awareness of our wellbeing, and changing how we access health services and advice. And for employers, technology provides many opportunities for smarter health and wellbeing support.

In this technical guide, we discuss how to incorporate the benefits of technology into your wellbeing strategy, and introduce it into your workforce to better support their health.

What this guide covers:

  • Using technology and data to build a wellbeing strategy
  • How will AI and machine learning shape the future of health at work?
  • Ways to build an inclusive approach to health at work
  • Some common health issues – and how technology can help
  • Need to know: data security and ethics
  • Quiz – test your knowledge!
Technical guide to technology and workplace wellbeing

Technical guide to technology and workplace wellbeing
REBA Technical Training Series

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