Strategies to enhance sleep and improve performance

BLOG ARTICLE | By Dipti Tait

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BLOG ARTICLE | By Dipti Tait | 31st May 2019

Good sleep is critical to performance, productivity, and physical and mental wellbeing. It is fuel for the mind and body. Just two nights of bad sleep can have significant effects on brain function and performance. We slow down. Our ability to make decisions, focus attention and multi-task is impaired. Memory is affected. And confidence and self-belief can take a dip. Put simply, bad sleep makes the brain switch to survival mode.

Think about what impact this has on the workplace. If sleeping issues are not addressed, your workforce could be running on empty and not performing at their best. And who wouldn’t want their colleagues and teams to thrive, rather than just survive?

We’ve worked with hypnotherapist and sleep expert, Dipti Tait to:

  • Explore why sleep is so important for all aspects of health
  • Share three, simple strategies to help enhance sleep, and improve performance and productivity at work

Make sure you watch to the end of the video to find out how you can download a free audio to help you sleep deeply. Watch the video here: