How to implement a dental insurance plan

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HOW-TO GUIDE | By The Simplyhealth Team | 25th January 2019

A handy guide to implementing a dental plan: part of the REBA technical training series

A dental plan is one of the top ways you can positively and proactively support the health and wellbeing of your employees.

It’s seen by employers and employees alike as an everyday, tangible benefit with advantages ranging from reduced sickness absence to happier colleagues with healthier smiles. Unlike most other forms of healthcare, your employees are expected to visit their dentist for regular check-ups, even if they don’t have any visible or painful dental issues.

Dentists are experts in oral healthcare, and they’re often best placed to advise your employees on how to care for their teeth and gums at home, as well as how their lifestyle can affect their oral health.

This is because our teeth provide a window to our overall health.

Dentists are able to spot problems such as cardiovascular problems, lung disease, diabetes and even bowel cancer. And all we have to do to be proactive with these health risks is regularly visit our dentist.

What this guide covers:

  • Reasons to offer a dental insurance plan
  • How to buy
  • What the product offers
  • Tax and legal issues
  • Quiz - to test your knowledge!
Implementing a dental insurance plan

How to implement a dental insurance plan
REBA Technical Training Series

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