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COVID-19 has changed our views on physical and mental health, where our money is being spent and what it’s being spent on. But do people really understand what a health cash plan is and what it can offer? We decided to find out. 

The pandemic made many of us reassess parts of our daily lives we might previously have taken for granted – from how we say hello, to where we work, to how we entertain ourselves when we can’t see friends or family.


With well-known video streaming services dominating our screens, as well as premium boxes and services that can be delivered straight to your door, the on-demand subscription service industry was certainly booming last year.

In fact, our recent research shows

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Over 22% of people subscribed to more services or postal boxes in the past year.


We also know that the focus on personal health and wellbeing intensified for many people – especially when it comes to mental health and accessing primary care.


Here at Simplyhealth, we decided to investigate exactly what people are thinking in terms of their health, their views on subscription-based services, and their spending habits. We surveyed 2,000 people, aged between 16 and 82, from across the UK with the help of Censuswide, before analysing the results to explore how perspectives have changed since the pandemic started.


This is what we found


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A growing demand

The national lockdowns have certainly provided a catalyst for the growth in subscriptions. From video and music streaming packages to regular beauty and food box deliveries, our research showed that 77% of us are now signed-up to services that we pay monthly for.


This is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. 


Overall, more than 1 in 5 people increased their subscriptions over the course of the pandemic, rising to 1 in 3 in the 16-44-year-old category.

Focus on health

Interestingly, however, far fewer reported paying monthly for life insurance, or a health or dental plan – just 13%.


This is particularly surprising given 96% of people say they remain focused on their holistic health, with 44% stating that the pandemic has made them care more about their mental health and 45% saying they now care more about their physical health.  


Indeed, during lockdowns, our survey suggests that people have and continue to turn to wellness subscriptions and apps, particularly around sleep, meditation and relaxation, as well as physical fitness.

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Our research also showed that

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believed that they were aware or very aware of the benefits of health and dental plans


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overestimated how much health plans can cost - some by more than 10 times as much*

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overestimated how much dental plans can cost - some by more than 10 times as much*

*based on Simplyhealth and Simply Dental level 1 costs

So, what do health and dental plans offer?


Health plans can get confused with private medical insurance. But they are not the same. Traditional private medical insurance gives you cover for medical conditions and can include consultations, diagnosis and surgery.  A health plan is designed to support you with everyday health concerns and help you budget for the cost of trips to the optician, dentist, physiotherapist and other healthcare professionals.


With a Simplyhealth plan, you pay a monthly premium and when you need face-to-face check-ups or appointments for your eyes, teeth - or even a physio session, you will get money back towards your costs.*


And we'll pay you back within 3 days, so you can keep enjoying the things you love.


*terms and conditions, policy limits and exclusions apply

On top of this, all Simplyhealth plans offer access to a range of virtual services you can access wherever you may be:

And a trio of apps

SimplyMeSimplyConsult and SimplyPlan – make it straightforward to look after your health and wellbeing, get quick access to the healthcare you need and easily manage your plan. Your health in the palm of your hands.

With four levels of cover available, you choose the plan you want.

Find out how our plans could benefit you.


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The 1-2-3 Health Plan

Starting at just £10 a month, our health plans offer fast, easy and stress-free health cover, with quick claim payments.


Plus round-the-clock virtual access to a GP, and mental health counselling whenever you need it. So you can keep enjoying all the things you love.

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Simplyhealth Dental Plan

From £11 per month, our dental plans offer cover for the day-to-day, and the unexpected, all in one plan.


Take a preventative and affordable approach to oral health, with peace of mind for unforeseen accidents or emergencies.

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