Frequently asked questions

24/7 video GP appointments and video physio assessments

How soon can I get an appointment?

You need to have the SimplyConsult app in order to use video GP appointments and physiotherapy assessment services. See question “Where can I download the app?” to download.


The GP service allows you to select a time range that works for you, and will try to match it as closely as possible. Our aim is to ensure that you get seen within three hours of requesting an appointment. The app will send you a confirmation of the appointment time, as well as reminders before you need to login for your appointment.


The physiotherapy assessment service also allows you to select a time range that works for you and aims to find you an appointment within four hours, but will search up to 7 calendar days, subject to the opening times of the service, which are Monday – Friday: 8am - 7pm. Saturday: 10am – 1pm. Closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

Where can I download the app?

You can download the SimplyConsult app from the Apple Store or the Android Store.


How long are the appointments?

There’s no time limit on your appointment when you speak to a GP – just take your time to explain your symptoms without feeling rushed.


Can I cancel an appointment?

The app does allow you to cancel an appointment, if needed. However, if you cancel within 30 minutes of a physiotherapy booked appointment, we will deduct one session from your allocation.


Making a claim

When can I claim? 

You can start claiming straight away, for treatment had on or after your start date. This is subject to any relevant qualifying periods, or exclusions.

When will I receive money back from my claim?

Once received, we aim to process claims as quickly as possible. However, if information is missing from the claim form or receipt, this can take longer to process. And we may ask you for additional info.

Paid claims can take an additional three to five working days to arrive in your account. This depends entirely on your bank, and is beyond our control.

How do I make a claim?

Once you’ve had your treatment and paid for it, you'll need a full, itemised receipt. One which clearly shows:

  • the name of the patient
  • the details of the practitioner or establishment
  • the service or treatment that they have provided
  • the date of the service or treatment
  • the amount paid for that service or treatment

Your claim can be submitted by completing our online claim form. Just register for or log in to your Self Service account to get started. You’ll need a scan or photo of your receipt/statement ready.

What can I claim for?

Our plans let you claim for everyday healthcare costs, such as a dental check-up. What you can claim for, and the amounts you can claim, will depend on your plan type and level of cover.

You can see your personal entitlements in your online account. You can also access your policy documents, and visit the benefits page for a quick overview of your cover.

Managing my plan

Can I use my spouse or child’s entitlement, if they don’t use it?

No, everyone gets their own entitlements. They're specific to each person named on the policy. If you've used up yours, don't worry. Everyone’s entitlements reset annually, on your renewal date.

What is the duration of my cover?

Your cover starts from the date that we include you on the policy. It then carries on until the renewal date. It will carry on from one renewal date to the next, until either we, your employer, or the policyholder cancel it.

When do my benefits reset?

Your entitlements begin on your policy start date. Then reset again on your renewal date. Your summary of cover will confirm the dates for your policy year, or you can find them by registering online.

If you have a plan through your employer, your benefits will reset on the group renewal date. This date can be found in your summary of cover.

What happens if my personal details change?

If you have a change of address, email, bank account or anything, just let us know. You can call in, send us an email, or start a Livechat.

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