Benefits and entitlements

This section covers questions about your entitlements and what you can claim for on your Simplyhealth plan. To speed things up, we've included direct links within the FAQs so you'll be taken to the correct information within your account when you click them.

Depending on the level of plan you have, you may or may not have the benefits that are talked about below. You can check what you’re covered for by looking at your 'Table of Cover' in your online account.

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Entitlement details

When can I start using my entitlements?

When do my entitlements start again? 

Where can I find how much I've got left to claim?

Where can I find my important policy documents like Table of Cover and Terms & Conditions?

Why do the benefits listed on the website differ to those shown in my account?

Can I carry over my unused entitlements into next year?

My benefits

How do I find out what I can claim for?

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