FAQs - for all plans

Here are some questions that our customers with personal cover ask us.

We've split them into the following categories:

Your benefits and entitlements

What can I claim for?

Can I pick and choose benefits to suit my needs?

Can I submit claims to use different year entitlements?

What are the limits on my plan?

Can I carry over my unused benefits into next year?

Claiming and troubleshooting

When can I claim?

Why do I have to pay a hospital fee for completing my claim form?

When I click ‘Make a claim’ I am presented with another log in page?

I can’t claim or find my claims history?

What can I do if my claim has been rejected?

Why can I not claim for everything under my plan?

What if I can't upload an image?

How do I claim a New child payment for multiple births?

What if I want to split a claim across several plans?

Can I download/print a claim form?

What do I need to make a hospital or New Child Payment claim?

How do I make a claim?

My claims are paid by cheque. Can they be paid straight into my bank account?

File size is too large?

Why is the claim I just made on SimplyPlan not visible on my online account or vice versa?

Why is my claim payment less than I was expecting?

Why can I not claim for Private Medical Insurance?

What if I need to upload more than one image?

Why can't I process claims for one of my family members?

Why can't I validate my email address?

Why can't I see all my plans?

Self service portal

Am I registered for online self service already?

Where do I find my entitlements, claims history and policy information?

How do I login?

How do I unlock my account?

Why do the benefits listed on the website differ to those shown in my account?

Can I download a claim form?

Administering your policy

When does my cover start?

What is the duration of my cover?

Can I change my level of cover?

What happens if I have more than one Simplyhealth plan?

Can I use my spouse or child's entitlement, if they don’t use it?

When do my benefits reset?

I have a cash plan through my employer. What do I need to do if I'm leaving my workplace?

How do I make a complaint?

What should I do if I need to cancel my plan?

Is there a "cooling off" period?

Is this private medical insurance?

Can I add members of my family to my plan?

Does cover continue when I reach 79?

Can people on my plan be on different levels?

What happens if my personal details change?

Who do I need to call?

How do I change my email address online?

What are we doing to deliver a gender neutral customer experience?

SimplyConsult app

Who are Square Health?

Can I access my Simplyhealth account through the app?

Can you issue a sick note?

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

Will I speak to a different doctor or specialist each time?

Will I incur any additional costs for using this service?

Who should I contact if I have a query with the SimplyConsult app?

Can I add my children to my Simplyhealth Plan through this app? 

What should I do if I need an emergency appointment?

Where will my medical records kept? 

What happens if under exemption arrangements I don’t pay for prescriptions?


What are the ways in which I can receive my prescription?

What if I've opted for Nominated Pharmacy, but my local pharmacies do not accept digital prescriptions?

Do I pay for my medication?

Can I claim back for my prescription on my plan?

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