Stress in the Workplace

For our third quarterly report, unveiled in January 2016, we specifically looked at the effects of stress in the workplace. Here we reveal what the results told us.
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According to the latest survey results, `work' is the most stressful aspect of life according to both men and women with the most significant contributors to workplace stress include increased workload and longer hours (21%), not feeling valued (20%) and money worries due to lack of salary increase  (19%).

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50% of workers believe that half or more of their colleagues currently suffer from work related stress or anxiety.  45% of UK adults say they are unlikely to discuss feeling stressed with their managers with only 32% feeling their employers would be supportive if they had to take time off due to stress.
Meanwhile, 56% of respondents believe that telling their manager about a mental health issue would inhibit their career prospects.

Sleep deprivation is revealed to have the biggest effect on UK employees affecting 53% of people whilst constant worrying about work related stress affects 42% of the working population.

However, women appear to be more likely to suffer from physical effects of workplace stress, with 59% suffering from disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation versus 47% of men.  49% of women also appear to struggle with constant worrying as a result of work related stress compared to 35% of men.

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The survey also identified that only 1 in 20 adults say their employers offer stress relief and relaxation services and 18% saying their employer offers workplace counselling.

42%of UK employees feel their employer should be doing more to recognise and support them with stress and anxiety management in the workplace.
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