Compete with the Elite with Simplyhealth's `Rate my Gait'

Posted on April 3, 2019

Ever wondered how your running style compares to an elite runner?  Well wonder no more. We're giving you the chance to find out at six of our Simplyhealth Great Run events. Rate my Gait by Simplyhealth gives you a like-for-like comparison on four key running parameters. Matching yours against the average of elite runners.

How does Rate my Gait work?HY Rate my Gait 2019

Rate my Gait involves a 20-second run on a treadmill, average data from elite runners, and a bit of tech. Breaking it down:

1. We've collected four parameters of gait pattern from hundreds of runners, including the elite. With this data, we've created an average for each of those parameters.
2. On the day, we review your gait cycle on the treadmill.
3. Recording your metrics, we will map them against the elite average.
4. You'll receive your personalised results. These will enable you to see where changes can be made to your running style. And applying those changes could increase your performance in both training and runs.

We know, on the day, most of you will be focussing on your Simplyhealth Great Run. That's why we've made sure you spend as little time as possible on the treadmill. It's quick, and it's simple, with immediate results to take away.

You'll learn your step rate, contact time, vertical displacement and overstride. All of which contribute to your running performance. Mapped against the elite runners' average for each, you can find out how you compare and what can be adjusted. And it isn't limited to Simplyhealth Great Run entrants. Anyone can have a go, including your friends and family.

Part of a running club too? Compare notes, and see how you can reach a new personal best. 
What is gait?

The gait cycle is the motion pattern you create when you run. It can be optimised to help movement, reduce pain, and improve results.

So, is Rate my Gait a gait analysis?

Rate my Gait is a form of gait analysis. One that focuses on four gait metrics that influence performance. A full gait analysis covers the whole body, the full motion. Carried out by a professional, it can help identify posture and/or movement-related problems. A common belief is that a gait analysis focuses just on your feet. That's only a small part of it.

Read how gait analysis will help you as a runner, explained by physio Jenny Blizard, here.

Who can perform a full gait analysis?

Physiotherapists and podiatrists, among others, can perform a full gait analysis, which means you can get a gait analysis on the Simplyhealth Active Plan. They provide clear advice and guidance, and identify any inefficiencies or problems. You'll be able to take the feedback away and apply it to your running style.

Where will Rate my Gait take place?

Come down to the Rate my Gait dome at any one of our events listed below. The dome will be open throughout the day, so you can visit either before or after your run.

5th May - Bristol 10k
19th May - Manchester 10k and half
7th & 8th September - North 5k and half
15th September - Bristol half
13th October - Birmingham half
19th & 20th October - South 5k and 10 mile

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