Posted on March 27, 2018 by Helen Field

How to make your roast dinner a little healthier


Nothing means 'love' more than home cooking from the heart. So, why not stay in for Sunday lunch and treat your family to a healthier home-cooked roast dinner? Check out some ways to make your roast dinner healthier in this blog.

Choose a leaner meat

ItemAlthough red meat provides us with essential B Vitamins and iron, too much of it can negatively affect our health.

Rather than having a joint of roast beef, why not try switching to chicken, turkey or fish now and again? Poultry like chicken and turkey have fewer calories compared to beef and lamb, especially if you avoid eating the skin.

Try mashing your potatoes instead of roasting in oil

Potatoes are a fantastic source of vitamin C and potassium. You can make your roast dinner a little healthier by mashing potatoes instead of roasting them for a change. 100g of roast potatoes is 150 calories whereas the same amount of mashed potatoes is a little less, at 108 calories.

If you love roasties far too much to leave them out, try low fat roast potatoes cooked in vegetable stock and lightly brushed with olive oil. You could even add some extra colour and nutrients to your dish with green pea, mint and asparagus mash.

Roast some green veg

First of all, why green veg? Well, they're packed with antioxidants as well as nutrients including vitamin A, C and K, calcium, iron and potassium. Have you ever tried roasting vegetables other than potatoes, carrots and parsnips? It's surprising how roasting can transform the flavours. Try a light spray of coconut oil on these just to stop them charring:

  • asparagus
  • brussel sprouts
  • broccoli
  • celery
  • green beans
  • green peppers
  • courgettes
  • leeks
  • soya or broad beans

Add some variety

Cabbage is a great veg to dress. As it has a fairly plain flavour it goes well with many enhancements like spices, herbs, vinegars, and lemon.

A healthier twist on traditional apple crumble

Nothing completes a hearty roast dinner better than a tasty dessert. There can be a lot of sugar in apple crumble but there are healthier versions of our classic British pud. Or if you want to try something instead of apple crumble with custard, how about teaming warm stewed apple with yogurt and cinnamon? Still comforting, still satisfying. It works well with other fruit too like plums, rhubarb or peaches.

You can also try:

Enjoy being healthier with your whole family

A healthier roast dinner is a great place to start when it comes to cutting back on the calories a little. Families around the country are bound to appreciate a meal with less fat, lower cholesterol, fewer calories, and more nutrients - made by someone who's near and dear to them!

It's important to remember that a balanced diet is vital in getting a variety of nutrients your body needs, to function at its best. Team this with regular exercise and you're onto a winning lifestyle.

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