5 ways to have sporting fun in your garden!

Posted on June 14, 2016 by Brynna Gabrielson

HY BowlsAs you probably know there are all sorts of big sporting events happening around the world this summer, which is why we're celebrating a Summer of Sport here at Simplyhealth. Taking part in sport is a great way to boost your physical activity and have some fun while you're at it! And you don't have to be the type of person who joins a team or a league to enjoy some sporting fun. In fact, you might not even have to leave your own house! If you're lucky enough to have a back garden there are all sorts of fun games/sports you can play this summer. All you need is some dry, warm weather, a friend or two, and a few bits of equipment! For some fun ideas, read on!

1. Bowls
Known by many a name - from French Boules and Bocce Ball, to Lawn Bowling or simply Bowls - the object of the game is simple:  throw or roll your ball as close to the target as possible! Bowls can be played one on one, or in pairs, or even in larger teams depending on how many balls you have! The great thing about bowls is that you can play it on any size or shape lawn. Bowls is an excellent game if you've got a bit of a competitive spirit - nothing beats that thrill of knocking one of your opponent's balls away from the target!

HY Croquet2. Croquet
Did you know that croquet was played at one and only one Olympic Games? It was 1900 and the games were in Paris! It seems it wasn't a very popular event, but even so a round or two of croquet in your back garden can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Croquet can also be played in singles or doubles. Traditionally it's played in 17.5 meter by 14 meter spaces, but your court can be adjusted to fit your garden.

3. Badminton
Badminton is a delightfully fun game you can enjoy with up to 4 players (singles or doubles). All you need to enjoy a game is some racquets, a shuttlecock, and a net! Racquets can be pretty inexpensive and you'll find portable nets can come in various sizes - from around 3m to 5m wide, but if your garden isn't wide enough, or if you don't want to invest in a net , you could always make do with some clothesline!  So don't hesitate - get out there and get practicing that serve!

4. Swingball
A tennis ball tethered to a pole, hit back and forth with paddles - what more could you need for some delightful garden fun? We love Swingball because, while it's fun to play against another person, you can also play it alone!  Did you know that in North America they have a similar game called Tether Ball - except the ball is a volleyball and it's played with hands!

Hy Volleyball5. Volleyball
If you've already picked up a net to play Badminton, then all you need is volleyball to get a game going! Volleyball is a great sport to play in larger groups because you can have up to 6 people per side! But it's still great fun even if it's just two of you. So get out there and get practicing that bump! Fun fact - did you know before it was called Volleyball, the sport was named Mintonette?

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