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Posted on May 26, 2016

HY Fit about townWhen it comes to getting the right amount of exercise, many of us are met with the same obstacles. Not having enough time, not having the willpower, and feeling too tired are amongst some of the most common barriers we face . The NHS recommends that we strive to walk 10,000 steps each day , but with busy lifestyles and back-to-back schedules, a lot of us see this as an impossible task.

Most of us already walk between 3000-4000 steps each day, so it's not as much of a jump to get up to the recommended amount as you might think. One way to tackle the barriers we face when exercising is to find activities that up your heart rate and keep you on your feet, but that doesn't necessarily feel like an official workout. Things like ditching the bus and walking to work can help, but who said we can't have a little fun while we're upping our step-count too?

To investigate, we sent some of our favourite bloggers to enjoy various recreational activities, each with a Fitbit in tow, to see if we were on to something.

- Up at the o2
- Go Ape
- Escape in Time

We'll be uploading the results and taking a look at just how good the health benefits were from these fun days out.

We decided to put the theory to the test. After choosing a range of activities that were designed for entertainment rather than workouts, we set about finding our Guinea pigs. Soon after, some top London bloggers were getting geared up for their fun days out. Here were the results:

Up @ 02
Up, as the name suggests, involves climbing up the millennium dome in London. It's an adrenaline packed activity with breath-taking views and certainly not for the feint hearted.

Average number of steps walked: 2000
Average calories burned: 150
Average number of minutes active: 59
What they said: "After taking part in this activity, I'll definitely look for more creative ways to burn calories in the future. Things like taking on adventure challenges and touristy activities that involve moving more are a fun way to get active with friends and see something new."

Go Ape
Go Ape is a full-on tree-top adventure involving numerous zip lines and a good amount of trekking. It's guaranteed to have you working up a sweat.
Average number of steps walked: 4301
Average calories burned: 370
Average number of minutes active: 145
What they said: "This has definitely changed my outlook on exercise as it shows that you can have fun while doing it. There was a fair bit of fat burning going on but at the time I wasn't thinking about that, I was too busy laughing as I raced down zip wires. I'll now look for more creative ways to burn calories in the future, we are already looking to go back to Go Ape with the kids this time."

Enigma Escape
Enigma Escape is a pulse racing group activity designed to get you thinking as well as moving. 
Average number of steps walked: 834
Average calories burned: 163
Average number of minutes active: 0
What they said: "Unfortunately, this didn't register as 'intense' exercise, but that's because we were in a confined space so couldn't run!"

Jailbreak Escape
Up against the clock, there's only one thing to do at Jailbreak Escape: get out of the room you're locked in in sixty minutes or less.
Average number of steps walked: 2500
Average calories burned: 300
Average number of minutes active: 30
What they said: "This activity has definitely changed my outlook on exercise. I've realised that just by walking a little bit faster I can burn extra calories with little to no effort."

We're glad our bloggers saw exercise in a whole new light due to these blood-pumping leisure activities, and we hope it's inspired you to do the same. Goodbye boring gym sessions, hello fun days out!

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