10 ways to increase your daily steps

Posted on October 21, 2019 by Brynna Gabrielson

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For years 10,000 steps has been touted as the daily goal we should all be hitting. However 10,000 steps isn't a one size fits all goal, and for some of us it just isn't feasible. If you average 3,000 - 4,000 steps for example, doubling your daily steps is likely going to be quite a challenge both physically and time wise.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be trying to increase your steps each day - just set a more achievable goal! Try boosting your daily average by 25% to start and go from there! And if you're looking for ideas to help you reach that extra step goal, we've got some suggestions!

Make walking part of your commute
One of the easiest ways to up your step count is to walk a journey that you're already making. If you live within walking distance of your workplace, then try and head in on foot at least a few times a week. If, however, you need to take some sort of transport there are still ways to add some steps. If you take the bus, simply get off a few stops early. Driving yourself? Why not park further away from your workplace?

Do your weekly shop in a spiral
If you do your weekly grocery shop at one of the larger supermarkets, then there's plenty of opportunity to cover lots of ground! Going up and down the aisles one by one can add quite a few steps by itself, but why not get a bit more creative? Start on the left of the shop, walk all the way up the aisle, and then cross the length of the shop, walking to the furthest aisle on the right. Walk down said aisle and then cross the shop again to get to the second aisle in on the left. Repeat the pattern until you make it to the centre!

Set a timer
If you spend most of your day sat at a desk, set a timer on your phone or watch that reminds you to get up and move about at least once an hour. Take five minutes to walk around the office floor, or even just to take a jaunt to the loo! Not only will you be giving yourself the opportunity to get a few more steps in, you'll also be giving your eyes a rest from the computer screen you've likely spent your day staring at.

Get a dog
Now obviously don't get a dog if you don't love dogs and want to care for and cherish said dog. But if you do want a dog and feel your life would be bettered by one, then perhaps you should go for it! Dogs are a great excuse to get out and walk more - they demand it of you! You'll have a new best friend, and an excellent walking partner. And if you can't get your own dog, you can always borrow a friend's a couple times a week.

Chat on the go
If you find yourself on the phone a lot, why not try taking those calls while taking a walk. You could cover a lot of ground on a 30 minute call.  And if you can take work calls on a mobile, you'll be able to travel even further!

Take away your own takeaway
Most of us love a good curry or Chinese, and it can be oh so convenient to have your takeaways delivered. But just think how many more steps you could build up by walking to pick up your dinner instead? Not only will you be adding steps, but hey - you'll be pre working off at least a bit of that naan bread.

Lap your sitting room
We're starting to live in a Netflix world where commercial breaks are falling away to binge watching shows online and moving only when the remote falls to the floor! But don't count the commercial break out just yet. Those few minute breaks are a great opportunity to get up and move around. You can do a few star jumps, or even just pace the length of your sitting room.

Park wisely
No matter where you go, park as far away from the entrance as possible (without being impractical of course).  On top of adding some extra steps to your daily count, you'll also benefit from not feeling pressured to find the 'best spot' close to the front. In fact, you'll probably have your choice of spots!

Make a date
Find a friend who also wants to move more and instead of just hanging out or going for lunch, make plans to go for a hike or a walk (window shopping counts!). We love this idea because 1) it's a lot harder to cancel plans for a walk when someone else is depending on you 2) you'll get to hang out with someone as fun as you and 3) you'll get to add more steps to your daily count. If that's not a winning plan, we don't know what is.

Embrace your inner tourist
The UK is full of amazing places to explore and enjoy. And many of them require a fair bit of walking to experience. From beautiful parks and museums, to castles and stately homes - there's much to be seen! So instead of making plans to spend your next Saturday at home with the TV, get out and see whatever you can see! You'll add steps and culture to your life. Win. Win.