Women's health in the workplace

Advocating Comfortable Conversations: our women’s health guides for employers and employees

A note from us: where we refer to women, we recognise that many of the topics apply to those assigned female at birth, identify as female, exhibit female biological and/or physiological traits, or are interested in female health and wellbeing.

In support of International Women’s Day on 8th March, we, at Simplyhealth, acknowledge the clinical and structural biases women face in medical situations globally and in the UK. We also know that a proactive employer can do so much to support employees through the health challenges that may temporarily impact their work as well as their daily lives.

Creating an inclusive, empathetic and mutually respectful workplace can help to remove the guilt and anxiety that many people feel when they’re unable to perform at their best through no fault of their own. So we’ve created a guide for employees, seeking to help everyone feel empowered with information about common health issues, recommended frequency of check-ups, common symptoms and how Simplyhealth can help. We have also created a women's health guide for managers, shining a light on some of the most common health issues that people may face where employer's support could make a real difference. 

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Preview of the guide: Comfortable Conversations: Women's Health

Manager's guide

Our guide for managers in supporting women’s health

This guide shines a light on some of the most common health and life stage issues people may face such as breast cancer prevention and managing menopause, offering advice on how to be approachable, reassuring and pragmatic in your support.

It’s also a reminder of how your employees’ Simplyhealth plan can provide speedy access to professional healthcare, therapies and counselling services to facilitate faster recovery and symptom management.

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Employee's guide

Our employee-friendly women's health guide

Within this guide, alongside our medical experts, we explore the most common issues for women, and those who identify as female, and include information on the frequency of check-ups, common symptoms, and how a Simplyhealth Health Plan can help.

Self-advocacy is paramount to getting the healthcare you deserve, so check out our ‘Comfortable Conversations’ section to help you advocate when seeking medical help. You know yourself and your body best, and we are here to support your proper diagnosis, treatment, and care.

How Simplyhealth can help

Simplyhealth Health Plans are a valuable resource that employers can signpost employees to and remind them of the benefits they’re entitled to claim.

Woman at home speaking to a GP on her smartphone

Speak to a virtual GP

The Simplyhealth online GP service provides a fantastic, speedy first port of call that can offer reassurance, advice and signposting to more specialist care as and when required.

Lady having an MRI scan

Fast-tracked, discounted private scans

Book MRI, CT scans and X-rays at a discounted rate with Scan.com with no clinical referral needed. Save time and money with the ability to choose a scanning centre based on location, price and availability.


Members can access Scan.com via the online portal or using the SimplyPlan app.

Randox at home health test kit - Male Hormone

Access 24/7 mental health support

Simplyhealth has partnered with Health Assured to offer immediate help via a 24/7 helpline, as well as services including online CBT and counselling across various mediums.

Two mobile phones with a preview of the Phio apps

Digital muscle and joint assessment

Created by physiotherapists, Phio is designed to provide on-demand, digital access to help you on the road to recovery.

Available to all Simplyhealth Health Plan customers from within the SimplyPlan app or portal, 24/7.

Simplyhealth member using the SimplyPlan app to make a claim

Help fund private consultation

Employees with our Health Plan can use their 'diagnostics' benefit to help fund a private consultation.

Within the SimplyPlan app or the online portal, employees can check their benefits and table of cover for the Diagnostics benefit.

An Ascenti physiotherapist treating a patient

Discounted physiotherapy sessions at over 300 clinics

We have partnered with Ascenti to give health plan members access to discounted physio, helping them tackle aches and pains, and easily claim back towards the cost.

Members can access Ascenti via the online portal or using the SimplyPlan app.

Two women unpacking a delivery from Unfabled

Discounted women's health products

Via SimplyRewards, Simplyhealth Health Plan members can access an exclusive discount on selected products at Unfabled, a women’s health and wellness destination with 400+ sustainable products from independent brands.

Our commitment to women's health

I am extremely proud of the work that we're doing at Simplyhealth to prioritise women. From working on primary care pathways, to the Women's Health Charity Alliance, we are extremely passionate about doing our part to increase accessibility to care.

Women's health is health, and breaking down barriers and taboos is a key step forward to achieve the health outcomes we need and deserve. There's a lot to be done to help destigmatise conversations on women's health, especially in the workplace, where data shows that women too often suffer in silence due to discomfort and embarrassment.

With our Comfortable Conversations guides, we hope to help create an environment where women and men feel informed and empowered to discuss people's health needs and the support they need to thrive.

- Dr. Macarena Staudenmaier, Head of Clinical and Product Operations at Simplyhealth

Women's health resources for employers

Woman leaning on her hand whilst holding a mug

Menopause in the workplace

Understanding how menopause can impact your employees and their career.

Woman holding her stomach in pain

Menstruating and work

It’s high time periods were regarded as a normal part of life. This articles look at how to promote menstrual cycle awareness and support in the workplace.

Women's health resources for employees

Smiling woman sitting on the sofa with dog on her lap

Our women's health hub

In our women's health hub your employees can access a comprehensive collection of articles and webinars on women's health topics.

Woman scrolling on phone whilst at office desk

Take a look at our screening guide

Download our guide to women’s health screening by age, and see which check-ups are recommended over the course of a woman’s lifetime.  

Women having a meeting at laptop in a office

An introduction to menopause

An introduction to menopause, the more common symptoms women experience and practical tips on how you can support the menopausal women in your life.

Woman with her face covered by a cloud

Brain fog

How to cope with brain fog in the menopause. This article explains what brain fog is and what you can do to combat the effects.

Two women smiling after exercise class

How physiotherapy can help during pregnancy

Our Head of Clinical Services, Emma Elstead, talks about pelvic health during and after pregnancy.

Woman with sleeping baby on her chest

Why we need to talk about postnatal depression

Postnatal depression affects mothers after they’ve had a baby, but what can you do to support yourself and loved ones through this difficult time?

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