24/7 GP service

This section covers frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our 24/7 GP appointments.

Using the GP service FAQs

Who provides this GP service?

How do I speak to a GP?

What is the service availability?

Can I choose to speak to a male or female GP?

What sort of things can I ask about?

Can my family member speak to a GP?

Can the GP issue a fit note?

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

Will I still need to see a GP face to face?

What should I do if I need an emergency appointment?

Can the GPs issue a prescription?

What happens if under exemption arrangements I don’t pay for prescriptions?

How can I access my consultation notes?

Where will my medical records be kept?

Important information about prescriptions

Prescriptions can only be issued in the name of the person who the appointment has been booked for. This is important for accurate medical record keeping.

Due to the potential for some medications to be misused, it may be important for your NHS GP to be informed.

Occasionally the GP may advise an examination is necessary rather than issuing a prescription.

There are certain medications that the GP provider does not prescribe such as:

  1. Controlled drugs (in Schedules 1-5 of The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001) including diazepam or medicines containing morphine. A full list is available here: https://bnf.nice.org.uk/medicines-guidance/controlled-drugs-and-drug-dependence/
  2. Travel medication
  3. Medication that is available over the counter
  4. Supplements and feeds
  5. Medication for dental conditions 

Prescriptions FAQs

What are the ways in which I can receive my prescription?

Do I pay for my medication?

Can I claim back for my prescription on my plan?

Counselling and advice services FAQs

Who provides this service?

How do I access the counselling and advice services?

What can this service help me with?

What is not covered under this service?

Why am I limited on the number of sessions of structured therapy? 

What if I want to continue seeing my counsellor privately after my structured therapy sessions are complete?

Muscle and joint pain assessment FAQs

What is Phio?

Who provides this service?

How can I access Phio?

How long will a Phio assessment take?

Which devices can I access Phio Access on?

Where can I download Phio Engage?

How do I log into Phio Engage?

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