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Unlock personalised muscle and joint pain assessments from the comfort of your home. Phio, your digital health companion, ensures expert care anytime, anywhere.

Phio - your digital physiotherapy solution

Phio, created by physiotherapists, offers digital muscle and joint pain assessments, asking questions about your condition and guiding you to appropriate care.

Available to all Simplyhealth health plan customers from within the SimplyPlan app or portal, 24/7.

Get an instant digital assessment with Phio Access. Completed in around 20 mins and reviewed by qualified practitioners.

Get connected to the right care option, which may include tailored exercise programmes via the Phio Engage app.

A phone screen showing the Phio Access assessment experience

How it works

Once you’ve got your Simplyhealth Health Plan, you just need to download our SimplyPlan app or log in to your Simplyhealth account to access your digital assessment from Phio.


  • Follow the link to Phio from the Simplyhealth app or portal
  • Complete your digital assessment using Phio Access
  • Get connected to the appropriate care pathway; such as Phio Engage for self-management, in-person physio or GP

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To enjoy access to Phio, 24/7 GP and much more, get our 1-2-3 Health Plan from just £10 a month.

Smart phone showing the Phio Access assessment on the screen

Phio Access
- tech you can trust

Phio Access captures the relevant information to determine your next best steps to recovery.

If deemed clinically appropriate, following your assessment, you may be referred to Phio Engage for a self-management programme tailored to your needs.

Mobile phone showing the Phio Engage app on the screen

Phio Engage
- curated care

If you are given access to Phio Engage, you’ll be able to use the live chat features and track your progress, helping you manage your own recovery.

Upon entering the programme, a physiotherapist will be assigned to you to support you every step of the way. Your plan will be easy to follow and easy to stick with, and will help you get back to doing the things you love.

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Simplyhealth Health Plan members get access to Phio via the SimplyPlan app or the the Simplyhealth online portal.