Our partnership with Nuffield Health

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Our partnership with Nuffield Health is based on mutual values and shared goals.  

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  • Like Simplyhealth, Nuffield is a charity with no shareholders and a shared vision to build a healthier nation. Both companies demonstrate their values through the work that they do within local communities. 
  • Both, as not for profit organisations, invest their income into the development of new services to help them realise this vision.
  • Nuffield has built several high quality and governed connected care pathways and Simplyhealth has invested in building large communities of customers that we fund healthcare for. Linking these two areas of expertise together makes sense.
  • Both Simplyhealth and Nuffield are recognised national brands with similar values.

Who are Nuffield Health?

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, which runs a national network of hospitals, medical clinics, fitness and wellbeing clubs, diagnostic units and flagship programmes to support communities by widening access.


The charity also supports organisations in looking after their employees by connecting people to healthcare experts and services, to help them achieve, maintain and recover to the level of health and fitness they aspire to. Services include, primary care, health assessments, emotional wellbeing and on-site fitness and wellbeing.

Watch this space as over a period of time Simplyhealth and Nuffield Health have ambitions to be able to provide these core Nuffield Health services to our customers:

  • Physio
  • Diagnostics
  • Health assessments
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Home pathology services.

What it means for you...


Through this partnership, our Simplyhealth Plan members are offered preferential rates at any of Nuffield Health's network of nearly 550 registered physiotherapists across 112 fitness and wellbeing clubs and 31 hospitals – one of the most extensive networks of chartered physiotherapists outside of the NHS.


Following a Nuffield Health physio appointment, you’ll also have preferential rates to fully equipped gyms, swimming pools* and studios with expert advice on hand to help you in your recovery.


*Please note, 111 of 112 Nuffield Health clubs have access to a swimming pool. Nuffield Health Battersea does not have a swimming pool.

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Nuffield Health has over 3,000 trained physios across the UK


Because finding a physiotherapist can be a pain in the neck itself!

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20% off

Nuffield Health physio appointments*


So you can stretch your bank balance even further.


*20% discount on standard Nuffield Health rates. To understand more about your physio rates and charges please speak to your Nuffield advisor when booking

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Post-physio 30-day free gym pass** at your local Nuffield Health fitness centre


So, aiding your rehab is no sweat!


**Free 30-day gym pass available to Simplyhealth Plan members who attend a Nuffield Health physio appointment

...And how does it work for a Simplyhealth Plan member?


As a Simplyhealth Plan member, you can get 20% discount* on your physiotherapy fees, and claim it back on your plan. Getting you more for your money. Putting that into numbers, an initial assessment outside of the M25 comes down from £65 to £52. And a follow-up assessment goes from £40 down to £32.


To get started, give Nuffield Health a call and book your initial assessment with one of their physiotherapists. Their advisors will be able to answer any questions you have. Then, just turn up at your appointment and your recovery has begun. Keep the receipt, and claim back as normal.


*20% discount on standard Nuffield rates. To understand more about your physio rates and charges please speak to your Nuffield advisor when booking

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Call Nuffield Health on:

0330 433 1097


Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 1pm


We are continually looking to build strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations who can help us provide the best service to our customers. Nuffield Health's purpose to build a healthier nation completely aligns with our own purpose to provide access to healthcare, so we are really excited to enter into this relationship.

Michael Rudman - Strategic Partnerships Director, Simplyhealth