Online dermatology consultations without the queues.

Assess your skin condition remotely with a consultant dermatologist – without the wait times.

Whether you have a mole, rash, or acne, we know the importance of getting your skin condition checked. As a Health Plan member, you can access qualified dermatologists and treatment plans without wait times and with an exclusive price of £53 (typically £105 for non-members).

MySkinDoctor enables patients to access online dermatology consultations remotely via their smartphone or tablet without the need to visit the clinic. Upload photographs of your skin condition and a team of experienced consultant dermatologists will review your symptoms and provide a treatment plan within three working days.

Beat the wait times

With average wait times being 18 weeks1, beat the queue with consultations and treatment plans within three working days without the need to visit a clinic.

Peace of mind

With over 200 registered consultant dermatologists, you can get advice and care for a range of skin-related concerns when you need it most.

Discounted consultations

Getting your skin concerns checked shouldn’t cost the earth. Access qualified dermatologists and treatment plans with an exclusive price of £53 (the average cost
of a face-to-face dermatology consultation in the UK
is £2502).

A woman's back showing her freckles and moles

How it works

Access this discounted service through the SimplyPlan app or via your online account. Anyone named on your Simplyhealth Health Plan, aged 16+, can download the MySkinDoctor app via the App Store or Google Play Store:

  1. Download the MySkinDoctor app and select ‘Simplyhealth’.
  2. Add your initial information and details, and if you are using this service for a child named on your plan who is under 16, please register with their details.
  3. Take and upload photographs of the skin condition using the app and add a description of the symptoms.
  4. Add the location of the issue and submit the case.
  5. The pre-submission questions and photos are sent to the Consultant Dermatologists with the information they need to make a diagnosis.
  6. Your, or your child’s, treatment plan will be shared with you in the app within three working days

Not a member yet?

To enjoy discounted access to dermatology services remotely from MySkinDoctor, 24/7 GP and much more, get our 1-2-3 Health Plan from just £20 a month.

Common questions about MySkinDoctor

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I have changed my mind and would like to be seen in person instead of using MySkinDoctor. What do I do?

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Get access to MySkinDoctor today

Simplyhealth Health Plan members get access to MySkinDoctor via the SimplyPlan app or the Simplyhealth online portal


1 - TNHS England: Mar23-RTT-SPN-publication-version.pdf (

2 - £250.20 is the average initial face to face consultation fee charged by the 450 Consultant Dermatologists in MySkinDoctor’s PPN.