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1 Million Comfortable Conversations

As the trusted healthcare partner to England Rugby, we're working to ensure women’s health conversations are happening at all levels of the game.

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Let’s talk and make a difference to women’s health


At Simplyhealth, we want to empower women to have conversations on all aspects of their health, at all life stages with all the people in their lives.


From issues of body image, your cycle affecting performance, and discussing puberty we want to support the rugby community and break down barriers to embarrassing topics.

"I worry about my cycle, it can mean I train less sometimes, and knowing that you’re going to come on when you’ve got a match, especially an away game! Its extra stress, you have to account for the things that come with it and the extra time you need around a game."

Eloise, Lichfield Ladies Greens

“When I started playing rugby, I was not in a very good space at all. I will openly say that rugby was the thing that saved me. I was just really, stuck in a rut, but I was depressed and I didn't realize I was depressed, it just gave me a whole new lease of life. No matter what, no matter how low I'm feeling. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. If I'm not playing, I'm still there.  It's the thing that gives me my balance.” 

Molly, Lichfield Ladies Greens

We sat down with the Red Roses and members of the amateur game

Check out the conversations about women’s health issues that are often left in the shadows on and off the rugby pitch.

Launch with the Red Roses

Challenge tradition

Being body confident

Women's Health in Sport

There’s so much more to our bodies than what society and social media tells us. Through our Comfortable Conversations campaign we want to encourage body confidence throughout sport. By flipping the narrative and viewing our bodies as an ally to performance we can start to build better relationships with our bodies.

We have been working with England Rugby to gather insight into women's health topics within the rugby community

Hundreds of people shared their views from challenges faced to positive experiences.

The survey results highlighted some of the issues that women still face within sport, so we sat down with former England Women Sevens player Heather Fisher to discuss her experiences and how we might work together to find solutions. 


Body image and stereotypes in women's rugby

Periods, menstrual cycles and having open conversations

Rugby training and women's health

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A guide to women's health


More information and articles around women's health, including menopause and pelvic health, written with the support of the Lady Garden Foundation.