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Join us and RugbySafe, the RFU’s player safety and wellbeing programme,

for our brand new content series on keeping the rugby community healthy.

RugbySafe is all about putting player welfare at the heart of the game and covering how the game should be played and managed to ensure that rugby is as safe as possible.

We know that prevention is better than cure, and the RFU provide guidance and resources on what needs to be in place for all ruby activity in order to create a fun, healthy and safe playing environment.

But it’s not just what’s on the pitch that counts, mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand to keeping the rugby community healthy. With the impact of COVID and a nationwide lockdown still affecting many people, it’s now more important than ever that we reach out for advice and support.

We are therefore hosting a series of webinars and resources that welcome rugby-players of all ages to a healthy discussion about mental wellbeing, creating kinder cultures and the importance of looking out for each other.

Guest speakers include:
Dylan Hartley and David Beeney

Dylan Hartley

Dylan Hartley, retired England rugby captain

The Red Roses

The Red Roses

See how the Red Roses talk about mental wellbeing

David Beeney

David Beeney, Mental Health Expert

Our mental wellbeing is an important part of why we play the game we love and it’s important we look after it. At Simplyhealth we provide access to expert advice to help you and your teammates stay mentally healthy on and off the field.

As the Trusted Healthcare Partners to England Rugby, we want to highlight the importance of assessing our own mental wellbeing, creating a kinder culture for others and changing the mindset around mental health.

Simplyhealth are working with the Mental Health Foundation to provide England Rugby with advice, resources and signposting to support the rugby community in spotting the signs of mental health problems and directing people for help.

Where to get more information about mental health

Keeping the rugby community healthy

This resource that has been created specifically for the community game includes information and signposting to support people finding specialist help.

Five downloadable posters

Take a look at five posters for your clubhouse, to help mental wellbeing at your club.

How to look after your mental health


It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life. Here are 10 practical ways to look after your mental health from the Mental Health Foundation.

How to look after your mental health using exercise


The Mental Health Foundation talks about how physical activity is good for your body, as well as your mental health and wellbeing.

How to understand and support women’s mental health


The Mental Health Foundation guide on how to understand and support women’s mental health.

RugbySafe mental health and wellbeing

When someone is experiencing a mental health problem, supportive and reliable information can change his or her life. Follow the link for England Rugby's recommended sources of information and support.

Coping with the end of lockdown

Resources on how to cope with the easing of restrictions and return to normality.

Getting help the help you need

Here you'll find details on services and organisations that you can speak to, if you need advice and support with your mental health.


Access to help 24/7

If you have a health plan - remember you have access to a 24/7 confidential help line
that offers compassionate support and structured counselling whatever challenges you face.

Log in to your account and visit My Wellbeing for more information.

About the Mental Health Foundation (MHF)

The Mental Health Foundation is the leading charity for everyone’s mental health. With prevention at the heart of what we do, we aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people and communities can thrive. We are also the home of Mental Health Awareness Week. This takes place from 10-16 May this year and the theme is “Nature”.

For more information about the Foundation, visit their website www.mentalhealth.org.uk.

About RugbySafe


RugbySafe, supported by Simplyhealth, is the RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme, putting player welfare at the heart of the game and covering how the game should be played and managed to ensure that rugby is as safe as possible.

The RFU provides guidance and resources for all rugby activity organisers on what needs to be in place to create a fun and safe playing environment. RFU training courses and development opportunities for coaches, match officials, teachers and other volunteers, increase awareness of the game’s key safety elements.

The RFU also engages in key safety research, with findings used to inform the game.

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