Rugby Football Union:

removing healthcare barriers so employees can be the best versions of themselves.

The business and background

The Rugby Football Union is the national governing body for grassroots and elite rugby in England. Its purpose is to encourage rugby, and its values to flourish across England. 


With such a disparate range of departments and employee requirements, the RFU needs a robust healthcare strategy. As such it chose Simplyhealth’s Denplan dental cover to provide all its employees with free access to dental care. 

The requirements

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“We aspire to align our values in the office with those on the pitch. We work in a high performance culture and we want all our employees, as well as our players, to be at the top of their game,” said Mark Fowkes, Reward Business Partner at the RFU. 


In order for employees to be the best version of themselves, the RFU wanted to remove any physical or mental barriers, allowing them to thrive in the organisation


“Wellbeing means different things to different people and departments, so our health and wellbeing strategy requires a multifaceted approach, that needs to be completely ingrained in our culture,” added Mark.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of employees

Carolyn Flowers, Playing Formats Manager for England Rugby, explains that Simplyhealth's Denplan dental cover helped take the worry out of cost of treatments.

The solution

With physical and mental health benefits and support in place, but no dental, the RFU were looking to complete their full suite of healthcare offerings by adding free dental care for all employees. It was also something that been frequently requested by employees and as an organisation driven by the people, the RFU were keen to show employee needs were being responded to.


As the Trusted Healthcare Partner to England Rugby, Simplyhealth was the natural fit and its Denplan dental care cover delivered the best cover for the best price. Notable benefits include injury and emergency coverage, access to the dental anxiety helpline for nervous patients and no annual benefit entitlement for routine and restorative treatments. “I’d also previously used Simplyhealth at another organisation and I knew it had been very well received with strong uptake across the company,” added Mark. 


With such simple processes to claim and easy to understand cover, Denplan was quickly rolled out to the whole organisation via email comms, manager toolkits and company intranet channels.

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As a highly requested service, the inclusion of Denplan to our suite of health and wellbeing benefits showed employees are being listened to and their feedback is being incorporated into the company strategies.

Mark Fowkes, Reward Business Partner at the RFU

The results 

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“As a sporting organisation, we want our people to be in the best shape, so they can thrive in the professional world. Our benefits are a huge part of our culture and strategy, so we run regular surveys on employee satisfaction to see how they’re received,” stated Mark. 


The RFU survey results showed 75% of employees were incredibly satisfied with the RFU benefits package. The highest claimed treatments across the company are NHS Band 1s which consist of check ups, examinations or x-rays, demonstrating that the employees are engaging regularly with the prevention procedures. “As a highly requested service, the inclusion of Denplan to our suite of health and wellbeing benefits showed employees are being listened to and their feedback is being incorporated into the company strategies.” 


Dental care can be a high cost for employees, and the RFU have been very satisfied with the level of cover provided for its employees and the value for money it has delivered as a company benefit. As such, they will be continuing the benefit in 2021. 

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