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We all know that injuries happen but it’s what you do before to prevent them, and after to sort them that helps contribute to a fit and healthy body.


This is why the RFU have developed Activate, an exercise programme designed around prehabilitation.

So, what is ‘prehabilitation’? 

Prehabilitation, prehab for short, is a strength-based exercise programme that aims to prevent injuries before they occur through sports-specific, focused exercises.

Simplyhealth is backing the RFU’s RugbySafe initiative, Activate: the evidence-based Injury Prevention Exercise Programme that can be integrated into training and pre-match sessions.

The RFU found when players are highly compliant with the Activate programme it can reduce lower limb injuries by 40% and concussion by 59%.

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Eddie Jones sings the praises of prehabilitation

England Rugby head coach Eddie Jones

England Rugby head coach Eddie Jones, brings ‘prehab’ into play when it comes to keeping his squad at the top of their game. He told us recently:


“The sort of warm-ups the players do now is very scientific, very individual. Prehab, as we call it, is the most important work the players do to prevent injury. I think for any rugby player or coach involved in rugby, the most important thing is to be safe.” 


The Activate exercises are designed to improve functional and core strength, balance and agility, helping players prepare for the game’s physical demands.


What if you get injured?


As the trusted healthcare partner to England Rugby, we know prevention is better than cure but sometimes injuries can’t be helped, Eddie continues: 


“If [a player] has the bad luck to suffer an injury then a proper physio programme is super important.”


We hope to encourage all players to get seen and get sorted if injury occurs. The 1-2-3 Health Plan helps you quickly access - and afford – an online physio through our app and claim money back towards physical treatments (as well as much more!). 

‘Prehab’ isn’t just for rugby players, it’s for all of us.

If you’re feeling it, get seen, get sorted.'

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