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We've teamed up with Mum Plus One to provide you with much-needed support to get through your pregnancy and navigate life during the first year of your baby’s arrival. Discover our range of featured videos, tips and guidance alongside our health plans that provide you with easy, affordable access to everyday healthcare. For nearly 150 years, our purpose has been to help families make the most of life through better everyday health.

What to eat (and what not to eat) when you're pregnant

Contrary to popular belief, a mum-to-be actually doesn't need to eat for two. Actually, during the first trimester you don't need to eat any more than you would normally. And even by the third trimester you only need to eat the additional calories equivalent to of a glass of milk and half a sandwich!

In our video Nutritionist and wellbeing coach Monica Durigon offers five tips on how to nourish your body during pregnancy.

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New mum? Why you should eat well for you and your baby

You've just become a new mum and you're busy looking after your newborn baby.  Thinking about what (and when!) you should eat and drink is probably proving to be a challenge…. In this video Nutritionist and wellbeing coach Monica Durigon explains why good nutrition is especially important for new mothers and shares her five top tips on how to best nourish your body to keep you and your new baby healthy and happy.

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We’re like a subscription service for your healthcare

From £7.50 a month, the Simplyhealth Plan helps you get fast, virtual access to essential healthcare services, as well as cover for routine prescription costs and physio treatment to sort any aches and pains.

24/7 Access to a GP

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No matter the time, you can book a video appointment with a GP for reassurance and advice throughout your pregnancy journey.

24/7 Access to counselling

24/7 access to counselling

Get direct support from a qualified counsellor to help ease the feelings of stress and anxiety from family life in a non-judgemental space.

Physiotherapy triage

Physiotherapy triage

Experiencing lower back or pelvic pain? Our expert physios can give you advice on managing any symptoms and the correct treatment.

Discover how the plan works for you

This is my first experience of using a digital health service and it was recommended to me by a number of friends. I am not the most confident of people and found this to be a very convenient, straightforward and confidential way of talking to a doctor. The fact that you can use the service 24/7, booking all appointments by phone and the doctor appears on time is very good. The app is very easy to use and one that I would use again rather than visit a GP practice.


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A GP’s advice during pregnancy and early motherhood


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Look out for our GP interviews - they provide the low down on what you want to know when pregnant and as a new mum.

In our fact-packed videos, we talk to GPs to find out answers to the questions you really want to ask your doctor during pregnancy. There’ll also be invaluable guidance on what to expect as a new mum during the first few weeks after the birth of your baby.

Our expert

Monica Durigon - Nutritional Therapist

Meet our expert Monica Durigon who is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, member of BANT (British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine), CNCH (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) and BSLM (British Society of Lifestyle Medicine).

She strongly believes that the dietary and lifestyle choices we make every day not only shape our body and influence our physical and mental health, but they ultimately affect our whole life. 

Monica has a particular interest in brain health and healthy ageing. She works in London and internationally and creates and delivers bespoke nutritional programmes, and wellbeing coaching to optimize health and performance one to one and to corporate teams.

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